All British Day 2022 Update

September 2021
Dear All British Day Entrant,

Since I last wrote to you there has been much happening internationally, nationally and locally. COVID-19 and its devastating mutant strains are still very much with us and unfortunately continue to affect us either directly or indirectly. But, life must go on! In my last letter I advised that we would submit the necessary documentation to Health SA for permission to host All British Day in 2022 and once we had received a reply, we could then assess the feasibility to proceed. We have submitted the documents, but we now find that we must review this strategy.

In these ever-changing times SA Health has many priorities, and we find ourselves like many others in the community all craving for concise definitive information that is simply not yet available. We understand that to get permission from SA Health, now, for an event to be held next February, is unlikely, as the department will assess each application closer to its opening date. The conundrum we currently face is, if we wait until we get permission there will simply not be enough time to organize the event. The only course of action open to us to us if we want to host ABD in 2022 is to keep proceeding on what we know and can find out in a responsible manner. We are confident that we do have the resources to stage the event. I must, however, emphasise that our primary goal of keeping everyone safe has not changed.

Our intention is to open the website for entries later this month, on Monday 27/9/2021, closing it five weeks later on Monday 1/11/2021. We have not increased entrant or spectator or pricing from 2020. Operationally we want to keep the day as close as we can to its proven successful formula whilst incorporating the necessary changes to ensure that we comply with our Covid obligations.

The entry process to the Ovals has had to be reviewed to ensure that all drivers, riders and passengers can either QR scan, or fill out the mandatory contact tracing information prior to parking on the ovals. To keep the queues down and the roads clear Gate B cars will be directed to the public car park for Covid check in and Gate pass checks, Gate A cars will undertake these same checks at Gate A. We do ask for your patience as we introduce this necessary change to entry arrangements. We are conscious of timing and therefore we will be allowing vehicles to arrive from 8.30 am until 10.30am. Additional staff will also be rostered on the day to ensure that we can get you onto the Ovals quickly and safely.

If you have a vehicle suitable for our British Working wheels feature, we would like to hear from you. We will also be celebrating 60 years of the Jaguar E Type, 120 Years of both Norton and Triumph motorbikes, as well as 100 years of Austin. If you have a vehicle that you would like to be considered for any of our feature displays, please let us know via our entry form or contact us.

I will send another newsletter just prior to the website opening with the latest information available at the time.
Kind Regards
Jamie Sandford-Morgan

President All British Day

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