Parts for sale

I’m clearing out some spares after the completion of my bugeye projects and the recent sale of my MK3…

Heres what’s left over…

1275 Crankshaft EN40B M Std C 0.020 $1000

Radiator – excellent tanks, single core $50


Bucket of half shafts (6) – older types $50

Weber DCOE 45 needs overhaul and a few parts $200

Weber DCOE 45 overhauled by Weber Performance – $500

SU H4 $100, SU H2 $75

1275 short motor, block + 0.060 new cam bearings, hot tanked and honed, EN16T crank, sump cleaned and undercoated, Set of AEG521 conrods, $1500

contact Chris Brine 0419802163 or




One thought on “Parts for sale”

  1. Hi Chris,
    Possibly interested in head and inlet manifold. What is the history of the head, has it been crack tested, what are the valve sizes, what is the combustion chamber capacity, what size engine was it on ie bore size?
    Is the manifold one of Grahams older type or the newer short type?
    I assume you are in S.A, so do you have any idea of freight costs to Sydney?

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