All British Day 2022 – Update and Entries Open

Sunday 13th February 2022 – Echunga Oval, Echunga

Dear All British Day Entrant,

From our recent committee meeting, I am pleased to advise that we are still proceeding with our plans to host All British Day next February. To date we have not had any feedback from SA Health regarding our application, therefore as previously advised we will keep forging ahead. However, we do not know what decisions we may or not make between now and next February.

A change for All British Day 2022 will be to the format of the program, as we have had to re allocate our resources to ensure that we can do our best to be Covid compliant. We are proposing to publish an abridged program and all the entrant’s data normally published in the hard copy program will be loaded on to our website instead. Rest assured; the content of the data will be no different to what we have previously published in the program.

By introducing this change we can release labour to help run the event. With five feature events, there will certainly be interesting articles to read!

• British Working Wheels
• 60 Years of the E Type Jaguar
• 100 years of the Austin 7
• 120 years of Norton
• 120 years of Triumph

As is our usual custom you can book your Sporting Car Club British Breakfast held at Mylor via our entry form. We do also have memorabilia for sale for the avid collectors amongst you.

Looking ahead to the day, if you have a vehicle that you would like to be considered for one of the feature displays, please indicate this to us.

Britain’s Working Wheels could be represented by push bikes, small motor bikes, larger capacity motor bikes (eg police) or outfits, or small runabout company cars, middle management and upper management saloons up to vice regal and commonwealth cars. The armed forces and business and agriculture have all been supported by British engineering as well.

We will be opening the website for entries 27/9/2021 and closing it 1/11/2021 so please get in early. We do have a limit on how many vehicles that we can park within the grounds, and we would hate you to miss out.

There have been changes to our terms and conditions since 2020 so please visit our website.

The committee and I are looking forward to All British Day 2022.

See You There!

Kind Regards,
Jamie Sandford-Morgan

President All British Day

General Meeting and “Sprite” Display

General Meeting – Fullarton Park Community Centre

Monday 11th October – 8.00pm

Please note due to the October Long Weekend the next General Meeting will be held on Monday 11th October at 8.00pm.

The usual COVID-19 restrictions will still be in place, with QR Codes and sign-in at the entrance. At this point in time masks will still be required while in the Fullarton Park Community Centre.

As the usual Display Day will not be going ahead at the end of the month we will have a Sprite Display ……… with a difference.

Download and print off the Bugeye Paper model and colour in with your choice of colouring instrument, pencils, paint, texta, computer, etc

Cut-out the model glue/tape it together and bring it along on the night to add to the “Sprite” display.

There will be a People’s Choice Award + plus a few surprises on the night

Sports Car Cruise – Update!

Unfortunately I will be unable to organise a sports car cruise on Oct 16 th as had been planned. Please cross this one off your calendar.  However there will be a cruise with a few variations on SUNDAY Nov 14th. This time we will endeavour to incorporate aspects of cruising with our missed display day and a morning tea.

In an effort to make the day as easy as possible for everyone to join in there will be 4 starting points and one finishing point, that being the Semaphore beach car park, second entrance north of Fort Granville. (Don’t get collected by the little steam train ) In order to secure a reasonably compact  gathering of cars we will need to arrive at Semaphore around 9:30 /10:00am.

It is envisaged that club members will meet at the following 4 locations and travel in convoy to Semaphore arriving pretty much at the same time.

1 For eastern suburbs residences, Firle shopping centre north eastern corner adjacent to Glynburn Rd. Distance to destination 24km est travel time 43 min depart Firle at 9:0 am.

2 Northern suburbs residents, Elizabeth shopping centre car park near the Phillip Hwy exit. Distance to destination 26.5 km. est travel time 42 min depart Elizabeth at 9:0 am. 

3 Southern suburbs residents. Marion shopping centre car park just north of diagonal rd exit 300m north of diagonal rd Sturt rd intersection. Distance to destination 22 km. est travel time 40 min depart 9:05 AM.

4 North east residents. Tea Tree Plaza car park just outside McDonalds parking area Distance to destination 21.7 km. est travel time 45 min. depart 8;45 I would like this group, including yours truly, to arrive at Semaphore early to help set up BBQ etc. 

It is possible you may be the only car at any of these departure points so don’t wait past the departure time.

5 People living in the Semaphore area may wish to drive direct to the car park.

We will be looking for departure point leaders just to make sure everyone leaves on time.

To incorporate morning tea at Semaphore we would ask everyone to bring what ever they would like to drink with them including cups. There is a café in the car park (Noonies) who do make a very nice coffee.

The plan is to have a couple of BBQ hot plates on hand and mass produce enough pancakes to feed everyone along with a range of pancake spreads ie jam honey etc. 

As with all sports car cruises there will be a trophy for the most appealing car and the car with the best patina as decided by an elite panel of discerning judges.

It may be wise to bring a chair or a rug and even a sun shade, sun screen,  if needed.

While you may not have a sprite ( yours is not running) or another special interest car to bring to the show please come anyway and enjoy the morning. 

For catering reasons please do your best to let me know if you are coming and how many people will be with you .

Pat Miller 0421289706 . 82511174  email,

Bay to Birdwood

Online and Interactive for 2021 – click on the link below.

On Sunday 26 September our digital front door will be open for an online celebration of the Bay to Birdwood. Jump on the Bay to Birdwood website Sunday morning and watch, play and read to your heart’s content. Don’t forget our special 40th anniversary documentary Life in the Past Lane airing live on Ch44 in Adelaide at 8.00pm ACST and Ch31 Melbourne at 8.30pm AEST.

Life in the Past Lane – 40 years of the Bay to Birdwood

Follow the fabulous journey of one of the world’s great historic motoring events as it celebrates over 40 years of four-wheelers, two-wheelers, fashion and fun. Life in the Past Lane will take you back to where it all began and give you an exclusive look at the Bay to Birdwood in all its glory.

Premieres on Ch44 in Adelaide at 8.00pm ACST or Ch31 Melbourne at 8.30pm AEST. Or watch anytime on-demand on CTV+ at

Behind the wheel – the people of the Bay to Birdwood

Check out a selection of interviews and mini-documentaries on some of the entrants who would have been in this year’s event. Take a ride with them as they show off their special vehicle and share some insights into why they would have been in one of the world’s great historic motoring events. Available to view online via the Bay to Birdwood website on 26 September.

And the winner is!

Get an exclusive look at the new Concours d’Elegance trophies. Designed by artists from the renowned JamFactory, the new trophies (and the retiring Run and Classic trophies) will be revealed through this documentary exploring design inspiration and the manufacture of these new and exciting awards. Available to view online via the Bay to Birdwood website on 26 September.

Test your engine

Get your engine running a special free-to-play Bay to Birdwood Online Quiz created exclusively in collaboration with Quiz Meisters. Do you know your Model T from FJ? Do veterans get you going or are you an outright classic? Pull a team together and compete to be the event’s biggest fans for a chance to win a special Bay to Birdwood prize pack. Available to play on the Bay to Birdwood website from 8 am ACST on Sunday 26 September, with a winner announced at 7:30 pm ACST.

Tune your motor skills

Word search, jigsaw puzzles and jumbled words – Have fun online with games specially made for the Bay to Birdwood.

Programs, get your programs here!

Each year since 1980 the Bay to Birdwood has produced a special event program. Collected by many and some now hard to find and rare, we are launching our eBook collection of Bay to Birdwood programs. These are a marvellous resource and in themselves contain much information that will have you taking a journey back in time. Available to view for free from Sunday 26 September on the Bay to Birdwood website.

Flashback Friday – Bay to Birdwood

The Bay to Birdwood has become an icon in both the South Australian motoring calendar and the SA Major Events List. With the cancellation of the 2021 event it is time to “flashback” and have a quick look at the Sprite Club’s association with the Bay to Birdwood.

The original 1980 Bay to Birdwood was developed to replicate the London to Brighton Run in England. Within a few years the B2B became one of the largest motoring events in the world. Initially for veteran and vintage cars up to 1945, half of the challenge was getting to the start at Glenelg, let alone the journey to the National Motor Museum at Birdwood.

The Bay to Birdwood was then run every two years for a number of years for the Veteran and Vintage Cars. In 1997 there was enough interest to run an event for Classic cars. This provided an ideal opportunity for a number of Sprite Club members to join the field of nearly 1200 vehicles. The Start was at Wigley Reserve, Glenelg and members met at Anzac Highway so we could be together at the start.

To add to the spectacle, the Adelaide Crows had won their first grand Final the day before, so many cars were displaying the states tri-colour, and many of the spectators were still partying from the win, which added to the whole event.

From the success of this event, the Classic was held every second year, as an alternate to the traditional B2B run. Due to the number of cars the starting venue was moved to Barrett Reserve, West Beach. This venue has since been the starting site for all B2B events.

The route taken has changed, but generally heads via Anzac Highway, Greenhill Road, Dequettiville Terrace, and North East Road before heading through the hills. For some years these hills roads were closed to oncoming traffic, and was made a two lane road to Birdwood, great piece of road to drive on the wrong side of the road!

At the Birdwood Mill there were Concours, rock’n’roll dancing, food, wine plus a great display of cars, fashions and activities.

For 2020, the traditional and Classic events were combined, allowing for a vast range of motor vehicles of all ages, and a differing spectacle for the many spectators that line the route from the Bay to Birdwood.

Hopefully the event will return when things get back to normal, post-COVID, so both entrants and spectators can enjoy this special event.

Healey Souvenirs

Over the weekend of the 3rd/4th July (Donald Healey’s Birthday Weekend) there was a special event held in England.

A Blue Plaque was unveiled at the site of the Donald Healey Motor Company in Warwick. This was a converted cinema and was opened as the International Sports Car Centre on 3rd July 1963 and closed in December 1974.

A blue plaque is a permanent sign installed in a public place in the United Kingdom and elsewhere to commemorate a link between that location and a famous person, event, or former building on the site, serving as a historical marker.

A display of Healey and Austin Healey’s was conducted on the 4th July at the British Motor museum at Gaydon. Here many unique and historic vehicles were displayed.

In recognition of this event a Souvenir Brochure published by David Matthews and a number of items were added to the Goodie bag by the Team from AH Spares.

While 400 were produced there is approx. 80 remaining. if you would like to purchase one they are available by emailing to

Cost is 5.00 UK Pounds with 9.30 UK pounds postage.

All British Day 2022 Update

September 2021
Dear All British Day Entrant,

Since I last wrote to you there has been much happening internationally, nationally and locally. COVID-19 and its devastating mutant strains are still very much with us and unfortunately continue to affect us either directly or indirectly. But, life must go on! In my last letter I advised that we would submit the necessary documentation to Health SA for permission to host All British Day in 2022 and once we had received a reply, we could then assess the feasibility to proceed. We have submitted the documents, but we now find that we must review this strategy.

In these ever-changing times SA Health has many priorities, and we find ourselves like many others in the community all craving for concise definitive information that is simply not yet available. We understand that to get permission from SA Health, now, for an event to be held next February, is unlikely, as the department will assess each application closer to its opening date. The conundrum we currently face is, if we wait until we get permission there will simply not be enough time to organize the event. The only course of action open to us to us if we want to host ABD in 2022 is to keep proceeding on what we know and can find out in a responsible manner. We are confident that we do have the resources to stage the event. I must, however, emphasise that our primary goal of keeping everyone safe has not changed.

Our intention is to open the website for entries later this month, on Monday 27/9/2021, closing it five weeks later on Monday 1/11/2021. We have not increased entrant or spectator or pricing from 2020. Operationally we want to keep the day as close as we can to its proven successful formula whilst incorporating the necessary changes to ensure that we comply with our Covid obligations.

The entry process to the Ovals has had to be reviewed to ensure that all drivers, riders and passengers can either QR scan, or fill out the mandatory contact tracing information prior to parking on the ovals. To keep the queues down and the roads clear Gate B cars will be directed to the public car park for Covid check in and Gate pass checks, Gate A cars will undertake these same checks at Gate A. We do ask for your patience as we introduce this necessary change to entry arrangements. We are conscious of timing and therefore we will be allowing vehicles to arrive from 8.30 am until 10.30am. Additional staff will also be rostered on the day to ensure that we can get you onto the Ovals quickly and safely.

If you have a vehicle suitable for our British Working wheels feature, we would like to hear from you. We will also be celebrating 60 years of the Jaguar E Type, 120 Years of both Norton and Triumph motorbikes, as well as 100 years of Austin. If you have a vehicle that you would like to be considered for any of our feature displays, please let us know via our entry form or contact us.

I will send another newsletter just prior to the website opening with the latest information available at the time.
Kind Regards
Jamie Sandford-Morgan

President All British Day

Mid-Week Meander – Southern Sojourn

With Spring in the air and the Winter Solstice well in the past, it was time for Russell and Judy Schmarr to dust off the previous Meander that did not occur due to poor weather.

So in bright sunlight our Spridgeteers and a few others  gathered in 10 cars at Blackwood Railway Station to set out at 10 am on the Sprite Club’s Mid-Week Meander – Southern Sojourn. 

Our route passed through the beautiful green paddocks and gold flowering wattles in the Adelaide Hills via Ironbank, back of Echunga on back roads less travelled, through Paris Creek to Strathalbyn. Here we stretched out in warm sunshine for morning tea at 11.00am.

Leaving Strathalbyn on the Ashbourne Road, we had clear views to Lake Alexandrina and the Southern Coast from the top of the range then down to Ashbourne, past Cox’s Creek,  through Mt Compass then down Old Willunga Hill Road to enjoy a tasty pub lunch at The Alma Hotel. 

Special thanks to Russell and Judy for organising this Meander. Please keep an eye on the calendar for the next one!

Thanks to Don Williams, Steve Leane and Russell and Judy Schmarr for the great photos!

Annual Dinner and Trophy Presentation.

Well after 12 months we finally sat down at the Namaste Nepalese Restaurant for the Annual Dinner! With the COVID impact and sudden State lockdowns, it was great to be able to get nearly 50 Sprite Club members in one room!

The evening started with a range of drinks and an assortment of tasty entrees to sample. President Gordon Boyce welcomed all to the 49th Annual Dinner and outlined a few of the requirement for the evening. The conversations and social interactions were an important part of the evening, as many members had not seen each other for a number of months. And the traditional “Gary’s Quiz” kept many thinking throughout the event – Thanks Gary Brock!

As the meal was a Nepalese Banquet, the main meals soon arrived and there was a vast assortment of flavours and dishes to choose from. Chicken, Lamb and Prawns, supplemented with pumpkin, vegetables, mustard leaves, plus rice and naan bread made the meal a gastronomic event.

Due to the differing year and only two motorsport events at this stage, the Committee has withheld some trophies at this stage. These will be presented later in the year, probably at the December General meeting after the various motorsport competition has concluded.

The President took over the floor and presented a small gift to the newly engaged couple, Scott and Helen Stephenson. The answers to Gary’s Quiz were divulged and there was only a few points between the Stokes/Hallings and Edson/Dunk teams, with both taking home the choccies!

The Tony Bennetto “Spirit of Sprites” Award is presented in recognition and memory of Tony and his enthusiasm for Sprites, their enjoyment and continued use. Based on this criteria President Gordon presented this trophy to a deserving couple who have for a number of years, ensured that the Mid-Week Meanders allow Members to get out and enjoy their Sprites/Midgets/Associate vehicles as Tony would have intended. The deserving winners were Russell and Judy Schmarr.

Michael McClaren presented small gifts on behalf of the Club to Narelle – for allowing Gordon to preside over the Club for the past few years, and to Gordon for assisting in keeping the Sprite Club on an even course with all of the changes and challenges that are being enforced upon us.

After a few door prizes were presented, dessert followed and the conversations continued around the room. This was the progress of the rest of the evening till the last party -goers headed home late into the night!

Thanks must go to Michael McClaren for his organisation of the evening and support of the dinner drinks. Don Cardone made a small presentation to Michael in recognition of his work behind the scenes on these events.

Thanks to all members for support of the evening and look forward to the 50th Sprite Club Annual Dinner in 2022!

MSCA SA – October Meeting at the Bend

The MSCA super sprint to be held on October 31 at The Bend east circuit will require more flaggies than are required for Mallala. If you could help out on the day would you please notify MSCA secretary Murray Stephenson email It is a good opportunity to get close to the action and your help will be very much appreciated.

The final  Super Sprint meeting for 2021 will be at Mallala on SATURDAY Nov 27.

Any questions re the above please phone Pat Miller 0421289706 or email

Catering for Austin Healey Sprite and MG Midget Enthusiasts