Sprite Club of South Australia Sponsors

Without ongoing support from businesses large and small, National and local, clubs like the Sprite Club of South Australia and other like groups would not be able to survive. The Sprite Club is proud to have the ongoing support of the following businesses and welcomes, and thanks, its new sponsors into the club.

If you are a business, car related or other, who would like to support the members of the Sprite Club, please reach out to the Club Secretary or Regalia officer to discuss!

Marque Restorations and Motor Repair

Finish is a reflection of effort. That’s the Marque Restorations and Motor Repair philosophy. Whether repairing accident damage, restoring vintage vehicles from any condition to concourse-winning standard, or designing and building entire custom car bodies from scratch, Marque Restorations and Motor Repair put in whatever efforts required to achieve the desired results. And those results speak for themselves!

Gerald has been a member of the Sprite Club for many years and for nearly as long his business, Marque Restorations, has been a proud supporter and sponsor of the club.

Be it a Concourse de Elegance contender, a Sprite or a modern car, Gerald and his team have probably seen it! Their aim is to exceed their customer’s expectations of quality and attention to detail, whilst delivering it at a fair price.

Southern Gas Services

A life member of the Sprite Club, Grant has been installing, servicing and repairing domestic gas appliances and air conditioning systems for nearly 40 years.

Give him a call on 0428 858 046 to discuss your needs!

The Toastie Westie

Bespoke attire for your best-est fur friend!

For all your Canine Couture needs, The Toastie Westie is your answer. Hand made here in Adelaide by Margy, The Toastie Westie specialises in custom fitted dog coats made from upcycled Onkaparinga Blankets (remember them??) or genuine Harris Tweed, imported from the Isle of Harris in the Scottish Outer Hebrides and sewn together with Australian fleece to make your dog stand out in the crowd and, of course, keep them toasty warm.

No dog is too small or too big. Margy has made everything from a tiny Chihuahua to an ex racing greyhound and just about everything in between!

Hand made and made to measure, right in the heart of Goodwood.

We can’t guarantee that your dog will wear the coat, but we can guarantee that it will fit! There’s really nothing like a Toastie Westie doggo coat really!!

We are often at the Gillies at the Ground Market or find us on Insta, Facebook or Etsy, or just ask the Robin for details.

10% discount for all Sprite Club members (and affiliated Sprite related clubs Australia wide!) who contact us directly!

Lard Ass Butter

With a high butterfat content, cultured butter is ideal for cooking, baking or simply devouring on fresh sourdough or crackers. It looks and feels like butter with a fresh hearty taste.

Remember Lard Ass values the simple, age-old approach to creating tasty, creamy butter using European imported cultures.

The hand crafted butter is produced using cream sourced from Victorian and South Australian dairies, our cultured butter is made on a small scale so that flavour, texture and ingredients are quality. Big on taste thanks to ripening cream from grass-fed cows, once you try cultured butter you won’t go back to ordinary butter. Our butter is made from single batch churned cream after ripening with a starter long enough to bring out flavour, then hand kneaded and hand wrapped.

Lard Ass was founded by a dairy farmer’s daughter, Monica grew up in Western Victoria surrounded by the creamy goodness of fresh milk and churned butter. Proud of her Italian heritage where food was grown and sourced locally, and growing up with her 6 brothers and sisters helping her mum and dad manage the farm, Lard Ass grew out of a yearning for simple, goodness bringing back great taste in butter. Whilst the brothers continue to work in the dairy industry, Monica and her sister Adela (based here in Adelaide) have a rapidly growing reputation for taste and quality.

Have a look on the website, Facebook or come and meet us at a market around Adelaide or the Adelaide Hills soon and try some for yourself!!

To place and order and receive a 10% discount for being in the Sprite Club, contact Adela on 0423 677 979 (and be sure to tell her Robin sent you!)