Classic Sports car cruise

With a fine and mild weather forecast, on arrival at Windy Point lookout there was an assorted array of classic sports cars for the first cruise for 2021.

Sprites, Midgets, MX-5’s, Triumph Stag and Lotus Elan made an impressive display – add a couple of moderns and a total of 13 cars made up the field.

As usual Pat Miller had devised a route that took in the Windy Point descent, Springbank and Goodwood roads to arrive at the labyrinth of the new Darlington Interchange.

Get it right and you will head south on the Expressway, get it wrong and you will need more that a Gregory’s, UBD, GPS or search party to find your way back!

All cars ended up on the Expressway and the convoy looked great, with many looks from the passing public. Soon we exited and headed via Beach Road to Port Noarlunga.

Stopping at the Woolworths car park, a quick chat and review that all had arrived provided a chance to award a small prize as voted by the judges.

Most Appealing Car of the Run went to the Tye’s and their Lotus Elan, while the Vehicle with the Best Patina went to Miles Jackson’s Mk IIA Sprite.

A quick vote and most headed to the Port Noarlunga Fish’n’Chip shop for dinner and watch the sunset, while other headed off in the various directions.

Thanks to all who supported the event and special thanks to Pat Miller for organising the event. Looking forward to the next run!

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