All British Day – 11th Feb 2018 wrap up

With 11 vehicles on display the Sprite Club of SA was well represented with over 800 other British vehicles at Echunga Oval. With the Sprites of the Brines, Boyce’s, Jacksons, Lows, McClaren/Lescius and Cardone’s, MG Midgets of Peter Dineen, David Fitzner and Russell Schmarr, and the MGBGT of the Brocks and the MG Magnette of the Dutches, the club was able to represent some of the fine BMC vehicles.

This year was the 70th anniversary of the Land Rover and all models, shapes, sizes and variations were displayed in the centre of the main oval. These also included Range Rovers as well as fire, ambulance, tow truck and other specialised versions. The famous Leyland Brothers West to East Land Rover form the Birdwood Motor Museum was also on display.

Many Trade stalls helped fill the two ovals as well as most British Car and Motorcycle clubs on display. As one walked around the oval, stopping every 10 paces to talk and meet with someone you knew through the car club or motoring scene, there were many comments like “Dad owned one of them”, “I learnt to drive in one of them”, “Yes kids that was like my first car….” And so on.

Many past Sprite Club members were there as well, Bugeye owners Steve and Di Kent, Mk III Sprite owners Les and Lorraine Felix and previous Mk III Sprite owners Brian and Joy Grant with their Austin Healey 100/4 Le Mans. Gerard Miller had the privilege of bringing the Jaguar XJ13, which also won Car of the Day Award.

Other than a few drops on oil on the grass (and cardboard sheets under the cars) the McClaren/Lescius Sprite developed clutch issues and had a comfy ride home on a trailer, while the Dutches MG Magnette refused to start due to a couple of Joseph Lucas’s gremlins. After a prod and a poke it started, only to stop on the way home.

This little problems and the various designs, shapes and models make up what British Vehicle ownership is all about and the All British Day is the perfect way to display these traits to the public. Well done to the organising committee, the Echunga Oval is an ideal venue and look forward to the 2019 event.

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