Xmas party

Paul and Ruth Doube were delightful hosts for our final end of year Xmas Sprite Club party.
29 people attended and all had a wonderful time. Even Father Xmas arrived and seemed to enjoy himself. (may have consumed a little too much Xmas cheer, however).
Merry Xmas to your all and your family and a happy New Year.

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First club meeting is 4th February 2013
Look up on the calendar for upcoming events , dinner run, in January 2013

Sprites for Sale….47 years ago!

With Christmas coming up, you may be considering treating yourself.  Only problem is that it’s 1965.  The Rolling Stones are touring again, so maybe it’s last week….

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You’re leafing through the latest Racing Car News while watching the news on TV.  Prince Phillip is officially opening the new Royal Australian Mint, but you don’t give a rip because you see this…

ad sprite Mk 2a

Yep….or maybe you might pony up a bit more and get yourself

Chivas ad sprite

Yeah..pretty good, but for an extra three week’s wages, you can give Bob Skelton a call…

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Decisions, decisions…. personally, I would have made a call to Maitland.  Far be it to seperate a man from his Sprite because he is getting married….

President's Xmas Message

Dear Sprite Club Members,

For some time the Committee have been concerned about the lack of support for meetings and social events that has been given by many of the members and what steps we could take to try and improve the situation.

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There are basically 2 options available to us – either the “carrot or the stick” approach.

The Committee have decided upon the “carrot” approach and I was pleased to be able to unveil it at the December meeting where co-incidentally we had the largest turnout for some years.

We have decided to offer a prize to the value of $250.00  to one lucky member at the November meeting in 2013.

How do you get the opportunity to win I hear you ask -:-

  • For every meeting that you attend you will receive one entry.
  • For every social event that you attend you will receive one entry.
  • If you organise a social event you will receive three entries. 
  • If you host a social event you will receive three entries.
  • If you have family membership and both of you attend you each get one entry.

Every financial member including Life Members, Foundation Members and those on the Committee are eligible.

To ensure you get your entry make sure you sign in at every meeting or social event that you attend. The more entries that you have in at the end of the year increases your chances in winning!

Your first entry is available by attending the Xmas Party this Saturday night at Paul & Ruth Doube  (refer events Calendar)

For those who will be unable to attend Saturday night I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of your Committee to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Safe, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. We look forward to seeing you throughout the year.

Kevin Caire



For Sale

Good morning My name is Malcolm Pitt and I have a 1961 Bug Eye Sprite for sale, unfortunately I can not find the time to do this car justice. I am currently working in WA on a Gold Mine , and will be home in Adelaide on the 19 December 2012. If anyone would like to look at it please contact me on 0402898675. I would like to thank you for the opportunity to present this offer to your club members.

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Boston Healey Sprite….

A little known variant of the marque, the Boston Healey Sprite was an attempt by BMC marketers to boost sales of the cheap and cheerful sports car to the U.S college student market.  Despite strong sales, the Boston Sprite line was discontinued.  As we all know, students are not kind to cars, so there are very few survivors.

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Another theory is that it never existed, and the person who typed out this ad needs a new hearing aid…..



Xmas meeting – membership and rego renewals due!

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The Xmas meeting (BBQ supplied – byo drinks and chairs!) will be held Monday 3 December from 6pm at the Fullarton Park Community Centre 411 Fullarton Road.

Memberships are now due please fill out a new membership form so we can keep our records up to date.  Fees remain unchanged.

Annual inspections of Conditionally Registered Vehicles and log book renewals – (Historic).  Inspections will be carried out from 6pm on Monday night at the Fullarton Park Centre -please make a booking with Gordon Boyce to have this done!

You will need to have the following documents for historic registration – follow the link for the documents

Sprite Club Membership Renewal Form including Membership Subs or a Receipt for EFT Transfer.
Signed and Witnessed Statutory Declaration Form
Current Log Book
Current Registration Certificate (Blue Registration Certificate – NOT the Registration Renewal Form)
$5.00 if a new Log Book is required.

See you there!


Catering for Austin Healey Sprite and MG Midget Enthusiasts