1275 Flywheels and backing plates

Hi to our South Aussie friends,

Is anyone in need of a lightweight aluminium flywheel to suit a 1275 engine? These will have a steel friction surface and a new ring gear.
A Qld company is willing to produce these so long as there are definite orders for at least 5 of them.
The cost will be $385 each if only 5 are ordered, but cheaper again if there is a larger initial production run.

The same company is also pricing the production of aluminium engine back plates for 1275 and late 1100 engines.
I’ll let you know the pricing for these in the next day or so.

Please let me know in the next week or so if there’s a need for these in SA.

Cheers from Alex Robertson
SCCQ president
Phone 0420 858 386

Sprite Club (member) wins 2014 Australian International Concours d’Elegance !

True Story.

Gerard Miller has taken out Australia’s most prestigious Concours event held in Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Building this year. More importantly, Gerard is a long standing member of the Sprite Club of S.A, and is the proprietor of Marque Restorations in Kilkenny, S.A.


This 1952 Aston Martin DB2 is currently owned by Dr Mal Hemmerling. Shortly after acquiring it in 2011, Mal dropped it off at Marque Restorations, where it spent a very long time in the care of Gerard and his workers as they tore it down and put it back together as probably the best DB2 in the world. LML /50/114 was sold new to Irish motor racing enthusiast, Geoff McRae, who after 102,000 miles and an engine rebuild, drove it around for another 16,500 miles before it got parked with cancer in its chassis and rear trailing arms, and with a bit of work commenced, it sat idle until it was sold on to Dr Hemmerling.

IMG_0084 - Copy

This is how it looked when it was brought in. Looks OK from first glance, but as always, it’s the disassembly process that uncovers the full truth. Nothing is hidden, and it’s probably when for most of us, the despondency sets in. As the body was removed, it became clear the chassis and the aluminium body had been worked over, and not particularly well at that. This usually adds a lot of work to a lot of work, undoing the bad work and redoing it right.


Details, details…too many to mention to do this restoration report any true justice.


Matching up the fan blade paint colour with the original. Cadmium plating and gun blueing the original bolts to get that original factory look. The grille bars were stripped one by one, filed, and resoldered before chroming. Even the number plate is exceptionally restored. And then there are the things you will never see – a collapsible steering column, and chrome moly door intrusion bars.



I was at the workshop one afternoon when the car was at this stage of the restoration. This is Gerard, making it all look a bit too easy.


And this is Nicholas, a major contributor to the body work, among many others.


More details. As the various bits made their way back to the DB2, the complete picture begin to take shape.

One of the pleasures of spending time with classic cars, especially at this level, is to soak up all of the little details that add up to an impressive sight. Even if the marque is not your ‘cup of tea’, you owe it to yourself to spend the time in trying to understand just how bloody hard it is to win something like this event. Concours judges pick on every little thing, in this case, points were deducted for plastic valve caps. Personally, I’m not sure that this is a Federal case, and I would be would be tempted to tell the judges where they could stick their authentic valve caps, but that’s exactly the point. The highest uncompromising standards are set and aspirations to meet them are fostered by the owners and restorers. True enough, this endeavour isn’t cheap. Actually, relatively speaking, this restoration was probably not as expensive as some I have read about. Maybe you get what you pay for. In this case, Mal paid to have the best in the country for the cost of a house where I live.

db2 marque

Next time you go to a car show, don’t just wander past like I used to. Get a hold of the owner, (usually fretting nearby with a polishing rag and a hopeful look on their face) and ask lots of questions about the car. Especially if it’s not a Sprite.

So, well done to the cast and crew at Marque Restorations!

Restoration of the Year

1952 Aston Martin DB2, Marque Restorations – SA

Best in Show – 2014

1952 Aston Martin DB2, Mal Hemmerling – SA

December meeting – Inspections from 6pm

While you are all gnawing away at your BBQ meal and quaffing at the December meeting, please note that Gordon will be available to inspect your Sprite / Midget for historic rego from 6pm. Please remember to bring all that other paperwork (listed in previous post) and your jalopy / mint condition / rust bucket / barn find / original and join in for the meeting.


I see no reason why this shouldn’t pass…

Because you all need reminding that Christmas is coming!

December’s club meeting begins at 6pm on Monday the 1st at Fullarton Park Centre with a BBQ. please bring a chair and something to drink. If you drink too much you will likely confuse the two, which could prove rather painful. Because you are all Sprite and Clubman drivers, you won’t be prone to these difficulties!


See you there!

PS – Scroll down to the 14/11 post about renewing your historic rego eligibility at this meeting.

Christmas. Don’t miss out.

Apart from the previous post about the December 1st BBQ meeting at the Fullarton Park Centre, you are also invited to

A Xmas party at Paul Doube’s,

SATURDAY 6th December 6.30pm

where you will need to bring the following….

BYO meat,
salad or sweet to share and…
a Kris Kringle present to the value of $10.

December Meeting – Inspection Checklist

Please use the December 1st Club meeting to

A. Share in a free BBQ

B. Renew your club membership

C. Renew your Historic Registration

Here is the checklist for doing C.

1. Money for membership and RENEWAL form (form available on website – Club Member Info / Membership
2. Receipt for club membership
3. Log Book (If you need a new one – $5)
4. Registration papers (current)
5. Statutory Declaration (these are printable off the club website. Go to Member / Club Info then scroll down to Historic Registration and see the link to the Stat Dec. Paul Doube JP will be available to notarise this document for you on the night.

If you have trouble getting to this document, please email me paddykukla@gmail.com

These December meetings are usually quite busy affairs, with queues lining up to get this paperwork done. I hope this helps you to prepare.


Hi All

It’s that time of year again – Annual General Meeting to be held at the Fullarton Park Centre, 411 Fullarton Road, Fullarton 7.30pm for meeting start at 8pm

Please consider where you can not only attend this important meeting but also what you may be able to offer the club in terms of a position on the committee!

Also can ALL trophies please be returned to the club to enable awards to be presented at the December meeting – and don’t forget the Xmas Party on the 6 December details to follow – Thanks!

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