Location: 10 Ebenezer Place, Gumeracha.
Description: Date; Tuesday 26th January 2016
Time: 11:00am
Where: 10 Ebenezer Place, Gumeracha.
BYO: BBQ meat, drinks, chairs, salad or sweets to share.
Your thong throwing skills, as you will be throwing for the very special prize of an Aussie thong mounted on a map of Australia. This is a perpetual trophy, which originated many years ago by the late John and Judy Bowering.
Really this is great day, please come along!
Start Time: 11:00am
Date: 2016-01-26

Xmas Meeting / Fee Collection/ Historic Rego re-newal

Title: Xmas Meeting / Fee Collection/ Historic Rego re-newal
Location: Fullarton Community centre
Description: Come along share a free BBQ supplied by the Club from 6:00pm. Bring a chair and a drink.
Then inside for the meeting after which membership and Historic Rego paper work can be processed.
1. Money for Membership. RENEWAL FORM completed. Download from the Club website. Club Member Info/Membership.
2. Receipt for Club Membership.
3. Log Book -$5.00 for a new one if required.
4. Rego papers.
5. Statutory Declaration (down load from the website. Go member/club info then down to Historic Rego and then copy the link)
Paul Doub’e will have copies if needed. A JP will be ready to notarise this document. Try to fill out your documents before the meeting to save time as this can be a busy night.
Start Time: 6:00pm
Date: 2015-12-07

National Challenge 2016 Updates

Please find below some more info on the national challenge for next year as well as the Entry Form here


WHERE – GOULBURN, NSW – 180km Sth of Sydney

WHEN – Easter – PM Thursday 24th March to

AM Monday 28th March 2016


Thursday 24th March – Welcome BBQ Dinner

Friday 25th March – Scenic Coastal Coach Trip


Track Day at Marulan Driver Training Centre – Sprints, timed laps etc.

Evening Dinner at Goulburn Soldiers Club – fun, frivolity, tappet cover races etc.

Saturday 26th March            


Evening Dinner at Goulburn Soldiers Club – slide show, etc.

Sunday 27th March    

Observation Drive – see the sights, guess the answers etc.

Presentation Dinner at Goulburn Soldiers Club – Fancy Dress – more fun and shenanigans.

Monday 28th March – Farewell Breakfast


         SOCIAL – $650 per person – Accommodation – Thurs Night 24/3 to Mon AM 28/3 (4 nights), Breakfasts, Lunches & Dinners and ALL organised social activities.

         COMPETITOR – $750 per person – Includes Track Day at Marulan Driver Training Centre

(NOT Scenic Coastal coach trip)

BOOKINGSEarly BirdCASH UP FRONT by 15th Dec 2015 to receive a $50 DISCOUNT

         OR          Lay-by – 15th Dec    $200 per person

15th Jan    $200 per person

15th Feb    $200 per person

15th Mar    $50 Social OR

$150 Competitor

Banking Details –   Commonwealth Bank – Sprite Car Club of Australia

BSB: 062 452 A/c: 10228025

MUST Include Reference: 1st Initial / Surname NAT16   eg. G Holden NAT16

More info?

Greg Holden 0418 286 831 (

Graham Wells 02 9654 1344 ( – BOOKINGS


Run on 15th Nov Grand Prix Remembrance Day

From Clive Spreadbury…

The run started badly for me on the Saturday afternoon.

Having just fitted and adjusted the new front grill & surrounds to my Mk2A, I then commenced a full clean, polish, minor service, wheel & tyre black.  I then headed off to the local service station to fill up with 98. Bang, a loud noise from the rhs rear somewhere. Initial investigation revealed nothing, then decided to return to the workshop to check it out.

Formal investigation revealed that the rear bracket holding the shock absorber to the diff housing had broken the weld and the shocker was just dangling down. Run in the Sprite reluctantly
aborted. No time to fix, have to take the Fairlane.

Arrived at the Victoria Park circuit via the Northern entrance, and enjoyed the thrill of driving into the Pit entrance & down Pit straight to where the other Sprites had accumulated.

Around 10 Sprites, an MGBGT, an MX5, an Alfa Sports, a Clubman and a Fairlane had made the trip. A good turn out of enthusiasts.2015-11-15 10.45.49

Gordon Boyce began by giving us an informative talk about the History of the event, both the Political problems in staging the event, and the costs & benefits to Adelaide. We learnt of the 2 rain effected race days in 1989 & 1991, and that Adelaide held the shortest Grand Prix in history due to the rain in 1991, and how as soon as the race had been cancelled the rain cleared up. We also learnt how hot the first event in 1985 was, and that the 1995 event was the biggest of any GP anywhere in history.

Gordon then explained the route to us and we all took off, beginning with a drive around as much of the old circuit that was still available to drive on.

Heading up Wakefield street, we drove past the old Wakefield corner and turned into Hutt street, heading down to Stag Corner apposite the Stag Hotel. Gordon had previously explained to us that the paint was still on the kerbing left from the old Grand Prix days. This part of the circuit was not used in the Clipsal 500 circuit, and had not been used since the Adelaide LeMans Race 0n 31/12/2000.

Continuing down Bartels Road, we turned right onto Dequetteville Tce, and marvelled at the fact that the F1 cars were doing 300kph down Dequetteville Tce, heading down to the Fosters Hairpin, at the Wakefield st corner.

Gary Beaton decided to carry straight on and head towards Belair. Maybe his brakes had failed. I myself like a sheep had followed him, the 2 of us only to get some practice in U turning on Fullarton rd.

We caught up the pack, heading down Wakefield st and turning left up Hutt street. We then headed up Glen Osmond rd along the Route previously taken by the Climb to the Eagle participants.

I so well remember working on Glen Osmond road and coming out every year to watch & cheer the participants as they made their way to the Eagle.

Arriving at Devil’s Elbow, I could not resist and gave the Fairlane a squirt around the corner, catching up to the pack. The Sprites were motoring pretty quickly up the hill at this stage which was most enjoyable. Passing the Old Eagle on the Hill Hotel, which is now a private residence, we stopped at the Park just beyond the old Hotel.

2015-11-15 11.14.062015-11-15 11.20.23

Gordon then gave us an interesting talk on the History of the Climb to the Eagle, and Don Cardone explained that he had raced and stayed in front of Sir Jack Brabham in the 1995 Dutton Grand Prix Rally which was the final event.

Driving further we turned off the freeway and headed on the Piccadilly rd. I then turned away from the pack and headed along the back road to Uraidla to show my passenger the ES&A bank agency that I used to run as a young teller back in 1970.

To my surprise, Gary B arrived down the road at Uraidla, and we again headed off to catch the pack up to head towards Lobethal.

Arriving at Lobethal, we than commenced a full circuit drive of the original 1939 Grand Prix Circuit, which was 14 kilometres in length. The lap was long with 2 very sharp hairpin curves. Gordon later explained that the original 400 kilometre 1939 race was completed in just over 2 hours, the winner’s average speed being a staggering 80 mph average speed in an MG TA sports coupe.

We then carried on through Lobethal and stopped at the Bushman Park for some lunch.

The spot was very pleasant with a lake, barbeque spots and toilets on hand.

Following the stop for lunch, Gordon explained to us the history of the 1939 event.

Barb thanked Gordon for the time and effort spent in organising and researching the day, as many of us have very fond memories of the 11 years that Adelaide hosted the Grand Prix.

We than headed off to Balhannah for afternoon tea, ourselves getting stuck behind a stray dog at Mt Torrens. We headed off to catch the pack up, but then drove straight past the turnoff and arrived back in Lobethal. Unable to find the pack we headed back to Cudlee creek for a coffee.

An enjoyable day & run was had by all.

Thanks to Gordon Boyce for all his efforts.



Do not forget the Grand Prix Remembrance Day Run this Sunday.

10.00am for a 10.30am departure from the Senna Chicane, Wakefield Road.

Please remember to bring a Picnic Lunch, chairs and/or a picnic rug. Lunch can be bought at Lobethal if required. (eg Lobethal Bakery, Cafes, etc)


We will stop for coffee on the return drive home.

Also to add to the theme of the run, Please wear any Grand Prix Merchandise, shirts, hats, etc.

See you at the track on Sunday……………..


National Challenge Update

Please see below the flyer from the NSW Sprite Club more details to come at the next club meeting…


Sprite and Midget Nationals Untitled

Our club is running the next NATIONAL MEETING for Sprites and Midgets.



What happens at a National Meeting?

Sprites and Midgets from all over Australia get together, their owners get to meet lots of fellow owners

The National Meeting has a display / concourse, social events, a track day for those so inclined.

Motels have been booked, meals and social events organised.

The emphasis is about having a good time, making lots of new friends and catching up with those you have already met from previous events.

You can be a social butterfly or get into the competition side.

Proposed Itinerary

Thursday 24th March – Welcome BBQ

Friday 25th March

Track Day at Marulan Driver Training Centre

Social activities (bus trip)

Evening Dinner (fun, frivolity, tappet cover races)

Saturday 26th March            

Concourse, motorkhana (new location)

Evening Dinner (slide show, fancy dress)

Sunday 27th March    

Observation Run (see the sights)

Presentation Dinner (more fun and frivolity)

Sunday 28th March

Farewell Breakfast


All inclusive of accommodation, food and social activites. Cost is dependent on social / competition choices.

Do you want more information?


Greg Holden 0418 286 831 (

Graham Wells 02 9654 1344 (

Engine Rebuild

Can anyone recommend someone to rebuild my 1275 Midget engine?

I finally worked out why the PCV valve keeps filling with oil and consequently the old girl blows huge clouds of smoke. Compression test shows number 2 cylinder is about 20% lower than the others and the blow-by is causing the ventilation system to suck large quantities of oil. It looks like my rings are shot…
Peter Graham

The Beast of Turin vs. Brutus Sinsheim. Who says size doesn’t matter?

Possibly the least Sprite related posting ever to this website, but Garry Beaton and I feel that these two “vehicles” are well worth your time seeing.

block turin

The first is the Beast of Turin – the 1911 Fiat 28.5 (twenty eight and a half!) litre, four cylinder behemoth built to have a crack at the Land Speed Record. 290hp and 116mph in this thing is fast enough to make anyone want to put a nappy on before getting on board..

Click on the link below and turn your speakers up to painful. I am quite sure that halfway up the hill, the normally composed Earl of All That He Surveys During March lets out a sneaky “farken hell!!”. And, they almost had roast pheasant for lunch…

The Beast of Turin

Contrast that with the efforts of the Teutonic madness that is Brutus, 47 litres of Heinkel bomber engined apocalypse-mobile.


This should get your achtung!

Brutus video

Now my German isn’t flash, but I reckon the bloke at the end is describing how the torque of the engine caused his bollocks to twist into a very tight knot indeed…

Catering for Austin Healey Sprite and MG Midget Enthusiasts