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Vintage and Classic

Now is the time to enter this really good event. Go to the above link  and down load your entry form.

Entries close 1st April 2016, but ENTER NOW. Late entries are excepted but, you may not be parked with our Club, and no goodie bag, or plaque.

The day starts with all Clubs gathering at the Serafino (McLarens on the Lake) around 9:00am  . At about 11:00am cars start to move in their Club groups, proceeding down the main Street of McLaren Vale. Large crowds gather to see the Classic cars.  Then on to the Clubs allotted winery. Our winery is the ‘Fox Creek ‘ winery. Cars are parked and then it is time for lunch and wine in a great setting.

Report on Australia Day

Many yea20160126_141355 20160126_143328 rs ago the Late John And Judy Bowering decided to organise a celebration of Australia Day for the Sprite Club of SA. Originally we had a run through the Hills finishing at their home in Mitcham.

On arrival we would start eating, drinking and checking out John’s cars. Then we would have BBQ , in some cases turning protein into carbon.  After that the Thong Throwing contest would begin. A 20160126_143428pitch roughly similar to a cricket pitch would be measured out, so about 22 yards. Now this has been reduced to about half the length, which is in line with our advancing years.

The club recently decided that in respect to the Late John and Judy Bowering , that the trophy needed upgrading. So a new trophy has been made complete with a new thong, and on the back are brass plates listing the past winners, better than a texta colour marker that was rapidly fading.

Soon the day with perfect weather arrived and about 25 people arrived at Fay and Garry Brock’s home, armed with food and drinks. Normal chatter took place for an hour or so, then it was time to BBQ. Once again I could see protein turning into carbon, but nobody complained. Most ate to excess, but with such a choice of salads and sweets, what else could you do. Sprite Club members are good eaters and drinkers.

Then came time for the Thong throwing. A bucket was placed in position, and Barb stood as wicket keeper. This involved finding a lot of lost thongs thrown into the bushes. Many styles of throwing were used, and most were totally useless. The thong has unusual aerodynamics which none of us can explain.

Nobody actually got in to the bucket, both Fay Brock and Ken Dutch had it bounce out of the bucket. So we decided a ‘Throw Off’ would take place.  This seemed to take for ever, and we were prepared to  wait all afternoon if required, then Ken finally threw in to the bucket. Fay was given her chance to equalise, but Ken had it in the bucket.

Looking around our gathering  I noticed about one third of the  people would have known the Bowering’s really well, another third would have met them and rest would not of met them.

So many thanks to fay and Gary for throwing open their home to continue the tradition,for us to enjoy.

BBQ at the Doubes

Title: BBQ at the Doubes
Location: 23 Fourth Ave, Everard Park
Description: Paul and Ruth invite All Clubbies SA and Sprite Club members to a BBQ at their home.
Please bring bathers, chairs, drinks meats to BBQ and a salad or sweet to share.
Nibbles appreciated.
Park Clubbies and Sprites around the back on the lawn & sedans in the street.
Start Time: 11:30
Date: 2016-02-07
End Time: 16:00



Please come along to the Annual Thong Throwing contest. This is to celebrate Australia Day and to remember the Late John And Judy Bowering that started this event many years ago.


Now is the time to practice your thong throwing skills. We accept back hand, fore hand, under arm, over arm, flat side up, flat side down, overarm, under arm, but no cheating.  The throwing distance is not far, and seems to have reduced over time.

The prize is a thong mounted on a plinth suitable for hanging with pride in your home.

All British Day

I have asked ( email sent out on Monday)  all the entrants in the up coming All British Day to let me know that they have entered.

To date the following have advised me they have entered:     Chris Brine, David Low, Don Cardone, Russell Schmarr, David Fitzner, Ray Rollinson.

That is only 7 we usually have a lot more, so if have entered could please let me know ASAP.

Don Cardone wants the exact number so he work in with the Healey Club to have combined display, but we need this info ASAP.

Reply to



2016 Sprite Calendar


The Austin Healey Sprite Drivers Club of Victoria have had made a Calendar for 2016 to commemorate the 50th year of their Club. See attachment.

It is a double  A4 size  calendar for each month. Has pictures of Sprites, mainly from Vic , but some interstate photos. A bottom page allows for your notes.

The back page had a collage of photos, and the calendar runs into 2017, so 2 calendars in one.

Cost $20.00 plus postage, so a bulk order is best. Let me know if you want one, and when we have final numbers I can find out the postage cost and then you can pay me before I order.

Email your interest to

Catering for Austin Healey Sprite and MG Midget Enthusiasts