Alex Robertson , the President of the Queensland Sprite Club has 3 MG Midgets FOR SALE. He is moving house and is losing his big shed.

Car no 1. Yellow 1961 MK1 MG Midget Race Car.

Full on Race Car with a NZ log book. New 1340cc race Yellow 61 racer LHS
motor just fitted, and not yet raced. 45mm Weber. Nissan 5 speed dogleg gearbox. Vented front discs with Willwood 4 pot  calipers. Tilton adjustable bias pedal assembly. MGB front shocks.. Light steel flywheel,4 link end with watts linkage and coil overs. 6″ Superlight Wheels with Avon FF tyres, plus spare tyres. Race seat and 6 point harness. Full roll cage. Foam filled race fuel tank. Fibreglass one-piece front panel.

$14999 ready to race.



Car No 2. Blue MG Midget 1974 round arch road car

Blue 74  LHF_

Imported from the USA last year. It has been converted to right hand drive. The car is very straight, but does have some rust. It is fitted with JDM Nissan A15 motor and a 5 speed gearbox. Has mags with good tyres. He started the conversion last year. Import paperwork included.

Still needs Fitting of  windscreen, passenger seat, radiator and fibreglass font panel. Bleeding of brakes and clutch and Assemble and modify dash. (wiring all labelled).

Price. $5999.00


Car No 3  MG Midget 1972 round arch Race Car.

Imported from the USA several years ago. It has been converted to right hand drive., and has a new CAMS approved roll cage professionally fitted.Red white 72. rhf 024 copy It come with a SCCA log book. The car is a very straight and rust free rolling shell, with engine and gearbox and is 98% complete. The 1275 engine is dismantled for re-conditioning, and the rib case gearbox is in unknown condition.

He has dismantled the car for restoration, but this has been stalled for a while now, as he has too many projects going. It has wide mags fitted with Hoosier slicks, big brakes, fuel cell, etc. The instruments are all Stewart Warner brand in an ally dash. It is a rolling shell, but without seats.

Price $3999.00

Alex has a lot of Sprite/ Midget spares FOR SALE as well as the cars.

Contact him on :  Phone :0420 858 386

Email:  for more details and more photos.






Alex has a lot of Spridget parts FOR SALE.  Contact him on Phone 042 858 386 or email :  for extra photos and more details.


Bay to Birdwood

This year the Bay to Birdwood is on the 25th September 2016.  Cars made before 31st December 1959 are eligible to enter.

So Bugeye Sprites can enter, but not any other model Sprite. The Bugeye first coming out in 1958 , and as a run on model will be accepted.


The Gawler Veteran, Vintage and Classic Car Club have invited Classic Car Clubs, including us to a lunch and car display.

When: Thursday 1st September 2016

Where: at the Bethany Oval in the Barossa Valley. Arrive about 12:30.

BYO your lunch and a chair.

Now we could organise a run, or just drive there, or go on their Club run from Elizabeth.

For more details contact  Alvin Jenkin  8529 2504 or email


Mid Week Run Report.

We decided to try the idea of a Mid Week Run.

It seemed to work we had a great turn out of cars.


Attending were:

Chris and Tina Brine.  Bugeye.

David and Di Low            Bugeye

Garry Beaton                      Mark 3

Russell Schmarr                 MG  Midget

Gary and Fay Brock          MGB GT

Clive Spreadbury                  Mark 2

Peter Dineen                         MG Midget

David Dineen                      MG Midget

Paul Mitchell                         Mini Gem

Jim and Shirley Schubert    Bugeye

Don and Elaine                     Toyota  Kluga

The Pub's most regular customer.
The Pub’s most regular customer.



This has to be the best roll up of Sprites and Midgets  for several years. The run began at Hazelwood Park and wound up through the Adelaide Hills. Some great ‘Sprite” roads were found and tested.  We stopped at the Lenswood Oval for morning tea. From there we proceeded to the Stanley Bridge Hotel at Verdun.

Inside Chris and Tina's Bugeye
Inside Chris and Tina’s Bugeye

2016-05-18 12.52.19[1]

Here we had some great meals, especially the Spare Ribs.

So with such as great day a question is then posed. Who is going to organise the next Mid Week Run?  This opportunity must not be let slip.

As an organiser I would like to thank all that attended, as a day such as this is most rewarding for the organisers.




October will come around very fast!

Date:  Sunday 30th October 2016

Where: Wigley Reserve , Glenelg.

Time: 9:30am till 3:30Pm

Last year we had 23 Sprites , we need the rest of you to bring along your Sprite or MG Midget.

Also welcome are other Classics, Clubmans, Racing Cars,

This is our big chance to show case our Club to the general public.

Please contact Don Cardone on email: or phone him on 0411 876 067  to advise that you bringing along your car. Planning for the event has begun.

photo’s from the Sprite Nationals 2016 at Goulburn NSW

A Sprinzel Sprite replica. You need one of these.
A Sprinzel  Sprite replica. You need one of these.
This car competed at Le Mans car.
This car competed at Le Mans.
Don Cardone's Concourse winning Bugeye.
Don Cardone’s concourse winning Bugeye.
A Austin Healey Frite.
Austin Healey Frite
How a Jaguar twin cam motor fits in a Sprite.
How a Jaguar motor fits in a Sprite.
The Venue.
. Concourse venue
Helen Stephenson in full concentration.
Helen Stephenson in full concentration at Marulan Motor Sport Park.
David Low
David Low in action.
Helen Stephenson the Quckest from SA. Being held up by David Low.
David Low holding up Helen Stephenson.
.Miles Jackson in action.
Miles Jackson in action.
Clive Spreadbury in action.
Clive Spreadbury in action.
Helen Stephenson.
Helen Stephenson.

2016 Sprite Nationals

On our way.
On our way.

This year the Sprite Nationals were held at Goulburn in NSW and hosted by the Sprite Club of Australia. From our Club the following attended  : Helen King, Sue, Grant and Helen Stephenson, Clive Spreadbury and his son Jason , Miles and Bev Jackson, Peter Dineen, Don & Elaine Cardone and David & Di Low. The Spreadbuy’s, the Low’s, and the Jacksons all took their Sprites and competed on the track. Peter Dineen and Don Cardone took their cars , but did not compete on the track. Peter however drove his Sprite to Goulburn and back. Goulburn is over 1200k’s from Adelaide, so no mean feat.

Driving over took two full days plus about 2 hours. So we arrived about 10:30am on the 21st and were expecting to be the first to arrive, only to be beaten by a couple of Queenslanders that had been there for two days already. That night was given over to a ‘Meet and Greet’ in the grounds of our motel, after the cars had been unloaded and the trailers parked. Our Motel was booked right out and every vehicle had a parking spot , but not one extra. An arrival that created great interest was the ‘Austin Healey Frite‘ that Colin Dodds from NSW brought along. Would believe a Sprite fitted a Jaguar 3.5 litre engine of about 350 HP, a Jaguar gearbox and rear end held up by a Lotus rear suspension, all built way back in 1963 and now full restored by Colin. The rest of the group were at another motel with extra parking provided by a business next door. The food that night was a sausage sizzle with plenty of drinks provided. (Beer, Red wine, white wine and soft drinks)

DAY  1   Good Friday 25th March 2016.

The Friday morning the 38 track competitors had to be at the Marulan track by 7:00am for 7:30am scrutineering. So we left the Motel at 6:30am. As we were doing the paperwork and the Scrutineering it started to rain, yes rain. We were then called up for a drivers meeting, and it decided all drivers should walk the track. Not sure whether that helped . Miles Jackson and I were together, you could call us the’ Pensioners Racing Team’. We were placed in to small groups or 4 or 5 cars according to your class. Miles went out first and seemed to manage OK, nobody was going very hard.

Ready now!
Ready now!



Miles, also ready.
Miles, also ready.





Then it was my turn and rain was now quite heavy. So I had a few problems, my visor fogged up, so did my mirrors. I did not realise I was holding up a car behind me, he tried passing me on the straight but I kept him at bay. Next time I let him go in front of me along with all the others. The second run of 4 laps was still wet, but from the third run on it had dried out. From here I tried to work out how to improve. I certainly went faster, but so did every body else, but I had enormous fun. Miles was unfortunate as his car was ok some of the time, then playing at other times. He thought he had blown a head gasket, but the usual symptoms were not showing up on the Friday, but did later in the weekend and his suspicions were confirmed. I got in 5 runs and car was running perfectly all day.

The SA Rocker cover team
The SA Rocker cover team
the winning Rocker cover Racer from NSW.
the winning Rocker cover Racer from NSW.






That night was Rocker Cover Racing night at the Soldiers Club. Here we had a large room to ourselves, with a bar and a stage. The food was served here and was really good. The various teams from each state lined up. We had 4 entrants and was later given one extra from Qld. The Racers were called up 2 at a time, with one from each State. This continued to all were eliminated. So we were left with Fay Brock’s ‘Quilted Lady’ piloted by Don Cardone against a very high tech Racer from NSW. The NSW Racer just pipped ours. The Rocker Racer technology has moved forward in 2 years. The Quilted finished 3rd.

Day 2  Saturday 26th March 2016

This was the morning of the Concourse. It was a sunny day and we arrived the Goulburn Historic Waterworks, which was next to a lake, a really beautiful venue. We arrived at 8:30am and judging started at 9:30am. 8 judges from each state worked to come up with scores for each car entered. Not all cars entered. A great morning tea and lunch was provided by the local Rotary Club. A Sprite that competed at Le Mans was there along with a ‘ Sprinzel’ Replica.



The winning Concourse car.
The winning Concourse car.

Then the judges started their work, checking all aspects of each car. Results were held over to the last night when all prizes were given out.  Finally a SA entrant had success. Don Cardon’s beautiful Bugeye was awarded the best Bugeye prize and then also the best overall Sprite. Well done Don. Now we cannot wipe the smile off Don’s face.

After lunch we assembled at a service station for an economy run to Bungendore about 68k’s, and then return to refill and hand in your fuel docket with the litres used. Some tried really hard to win,others just went for a drive.

That night off to the Goulburn Soldiers Club for dinner and a quiz night. Also we were asked to provide an early photo of ourselves. Our task was to identify the person in the photo. Later several photos were put up on the big screen and the owners were asked to stand up. So you saw what a 65 year old looked like at 20. Also there were covered boxes with a sprite part in a cotton bag. The idea was you had to by feel the object and work out what the part was and write it down. Great fun!


Sunday 27th March  2016

This was the final day and we found ourselves ready for an observation run of about 280k’s. It was divided in to 3 sections. The first section ran us around the Goulburn City. We had to find our way using the provided instructions and answer questions and observe the special signs nailed to trees. To confuse us different instructions were issued for different cars, so following somebody, may or may not be wise. Finally we wound up back at the start for morning tea.

Next was section 2 which was to finish at Gunning for lunch. So normally it is a straight drive down the Hume Highway to Gunning. Well we took a very alternative route which tested of navigation and observing skills. At Gunning we checked in our score papers and then had a BBQ lunch, put on by the local Lyons Club. After lunch we received our route instructions for the run home. There were a lot of confused Sprite drivers and navigators parked in the street working out what to do next. The return route was quite different, but finally we all got back to the Motel by about 4:30.

Our team. Don and Elaine with the concourse trophies
Our team. Don and Elaine with the concourse trophies

On this night,  the final night the presentations of trophies would take place and all were encouraged to dress up in fancy dress , the theme being ‘Hollywood Movies’. So plenty of scope, and some took full advantage. There were some really clever outfits. So now it was time to farewell new and old friends.

It is very necessary to thank the organising Committee for a really great Sprite National. These events take a lot of hard work and thought to produce a good result. The attention to detail was fantastic, most of the time this goes unnoticed, but if it is missing it is noticed. It was obvious that Greg and Leah Holden put many hours in to this event, and it great to see they had good support from their team of helpers.

So if did not go, please make the effort to go the next Sprite National to be held by the Sprite Drivers Club of Victoria. Put in on your ‘Bucket List’. Make a holiday out of it, but please don’t dismiss it as too hard, it’s not too hard, just takes a bit of organisation like any other holiday. You owe it to yourselves. Remember your Sprite was designed to be Driven.




WHEN;  Friday 29th July-Sunday 31st July 2016.

Friday 29th.

‘Nostalgia Night’ at the Club Rooms.  19-23 Rosalie Street, Springvale Vic.

Entertainment from the Club REVUE GROUP ( very  funny I am told).  Old photos and Sprites on display.

Supper and drinks available.

Saturday 30th.

The Riverdale Golf Club, Cnr. Huntingdale Road & High Street Road, Mt Waverly.

$50 per head for Canapes on arrival, a 3 course dinner, beer, wine and soft drink. Spirits at bar prices.

Also a band plus an Auction.

Be quick numbers are limited. Contact Terri Corbin to reserve seats at or her mobile 0414 988 641.

Sunday 31st

Social Drive and High Tea.

Through the Dandenong Ranges enjoying a coffee stop along the route. On through the Yarra Valley to Coombe Cottage, Melba Estate. This was the home of Dame Nellie Melba the famed Opera singer.

A tour of the estate will be given, followed by High Tea. Cost $35.00 per head.

Again let Terri Corbin know you are coming.

Please give consideration to supporting this event that is part of the 50th year celebration of the Victorian Sprite Club. They always support us whenever we have a major event. Some have already expressed interest in going over.


Catering for Austin Healey Sprite and MG Midget Enthusiasts