2021 Penfolds Grange Lottery

Sonya Flynn form the The Modified Mini Car Club is selling tickets to the Penfolds Grange Lottery. There are only 100 tickets at $20 each.

The prize is a 2013 vintage Grange valued at $810.

The money raised goes to Dave Vaughan who is one of the Motorsport Australia Chaplains. Once again he has been doing extraordinary work this year in the motorsport community. He doesn’t tell many people about all his volunteering involves or means to him but take it from me he’s been really busy with visiting people in hospitals and counselling.

So if you’d like to support him please buy a ticket or two. If you just like great red wine please buy a ticket or two. If you’d like to get a loved one a brilliant Christmas present please buy a ticket or two.

Thanks everyone and good luck!

December Christmas General Meeting

6th December – BYO Dinner – 6.00pm – Meeting – 8.00pm

Fullarton Park Community Centre, 411 Fullarton Road, Fullarton Park.

To celebrate the end of the Sprite Year General Meeting we will start with a BYO Picnic Dinner in the park alongside the Fullarton Park Community Centre from 6.00pm.

The Sprite Club will be providing a range of drinks, but please bring your own BYO Picnic dinner, chairs and glasses.

This will be followed by the General Meeting at 8.00pm.

Please note subscriptions are due by the 31st December.

If you have a Club Registered Vehicle please bring the following:

Membership Fees ($50)

Membership Form

Log Book and Current Registration Papers

$5.00 if you require a new log book.

Competition Trophies for 2021 will also be presented at this meeting.

For Sale

1966 MG Midget MKII- Extensive history. Well, looked after

MG Midget, history previous owner 2003 restoration Panels replaced resprayed, well looked after.
2020, refurbishment carried out.• Brakes, New Disc rotors, pads, new pipes, hoses, rear wheel cylinders, recon Master cylinders by PBR• Gearbox front seal replaced, Colin Dodds• New Chrome Wire Wheels, and Tyres• New Front Splined hubs, front suspension bushes, wheel bearings, recondition Shockers• Rear new Axles and splined, wheels bearing and seals. serviced Shockers• Panhard rod fitted• 1100 engine, new Head gasket and oil seals, Timing chain.• Gas struts fitted to Bonnet• Interior, new carpet, Leather Seats out of an MGF, inertia real seat belts overall car is going to turn heads!

Roof and Tonneau cover is tear free and in good condition.
The body is very straight with a couple chrome imperfections front and rear Bumpers bumper. 

This MG Midget drives and runs beautifully, strong mechanically, great on the road.

Currently on Historic / club rego.
A perfect affordable and reliable Sunday drive!
Located in Bahamas Grove West Lakes, Adelaide

Asking offers around $ 27,000

0400296046 or


Clubbies SA 21st Birthday Breakfast

Twenty one years ago, under the co-ordination of Sean Power, a group of South Australian Clubman owners/builders/interested people met at the Skillogalee Winery in the Clare Valley. At this meeting were a number of people who still own or are associated with Clubman vehicles. From this enjoyable lunch on a hot November day in 2020 let to the formation of Clubbies SA

So why am I telling you this on the Sprite Club web Site? A number of these people later joined the Sprite Club of SA, and are still associated with the SCSA to this day. These include the Tye’s, Doube’s, Edson’s, and Sean himself.

To commemorate this 21st birthday, Sean and the Clubbies SA team organised a breakfast at the newly refurbished Rezz Hotel. With 50 people present, and over 21 Clubman’s on display, it was a perfect morning for the celebration.

Sprite Club member’s were invited to display their cars as well, so the Cardone’s, President Gordon and the MG Midget of Richard Sutherland supported the event. Phil and Mary-Anne Kies bought their MX-5 as well.

Thanks to Richard Sutherland for the photo

There was a huge breakfast buffet spread, with all the traditional fare, and Sean and Fred has arranged an “everyone wins a prize” raffle, with a range to goodies to give away. There were the usual speeches, and memories of the past. And a great time was had by all.

Thanks to Sean and the Clubbies SA team for the invite and the Sprite Club of SA wish you all the best for the next 21 years!…and beyond!

Monte Carlo Pancake Run to Semaphore

The Red Ones go faster…………………………..

Throughout the year the Sprite Club of South Australia has conducted a number of Classic Sports Car Cruise’s. Our Co-ordinator, Pat Miller has used a number of different routes and venues for these Saturday Cruises. For this Pancake Cruise Pat suggested a different format.

Like the Monte Carlo Rally of the 1960’s there were various starting points for this run. Over 30 Members arrived at the various starting points of Marion, Firle, Tea Tree Plaza and Elizabeth and headed to Semaphore at the appointed time.

Midgets are GO!

Unfortunately overnight rain, a very windy beachfront and the threat of the occasional shower caused a change of plans. After a quick spot poll of those at the Semaphore Car Park, we headed to to Pat’s back-up plan venue, brother Gerard Miller’s Marque Restoration Workshop.

Spridget Reflections…………..

Soon the BBQ’s were fired up, the pancake mix was cooking and the lemon and sugar, jams and honey were being drizzled over the yummy pancakes!

Pancakes and Astons…………….

The pancake chefs of Pat, Gerard, and Julie kept the pancakes coming and as soon as your plate was empty, another pancake was placed on your plate. Add a tea or coffee and soon SCSA members were well fed and feeling comfortable.

It is all in the codes – DB5, DBR3, TR4

While indulging in the pancakes the Members were surrounded by a range of vehicles that are currently either having repairs or full restorations under the watchful eyes of Gerard. These vehicles included DB5 and DBR3 Aston Martins, Triumph’s TR (including member Phil Kies TR4A) Maserati, Ferrari, Jaguar, Mercedes and Holden!

Gerard was happy for SCSA members to wonder around these exotic vehicles and see the various stages of their restorations. After the pancakes were finished and cleaned away, Gerard invited the Members to the Fabrication Workshop for a Sunday Morning Master Class.

Some of the rusted panels made and replaced on the Ferrari 246 Dino GTS

From a plain piece of flat aluminium, Gerard demonstrated a range of techniques, from basic hammer and soft bag to form the shape to the use of the English Wheel to help put a range of curves and shape in to the material. This flat sheet soon looked like a simple mudguard, with curves, shapes and swage lines to add shape and strength to the piece.

Those that had not visited the workshop before were impressed at the various vehicles and the skills that are used to form the panels and components to return these vehicles to “better than new” condition.

President Gordon thanked Pat and Gerard (and associated helpers) for the morning. There were presentations for the Best Patina to Brenton Schaumloffel’s Midget and Most Desirable Car to Ray Kinley’s Cobra Mustang ( a change from the Clemente Clubman – heater, air-cond and radio!!). Don Cardone had his new Jaguar XJ-S, and the range of moderns included returning members – Steve and Di Kent’s MG HS.

Soon the morning was over and members headed their various ways home, with a full belly and a knowledge of some of the skills that are used in the Marque Restoration workshops.

Special thanks to Pat Miller for organising the Pancake Run and the pancakes. And thanks to Gerard for opening his workshops for the breakfast and for the Master Class that was appreciated by both the male and female members.

Thanks to Robin Dunk for the great photos that captured the morning.

Urgent Update – Monte Carlo ’Pancake’ Cruise

To avoid any confusion due to our predicted inclement weather, the Monte Carlo pancake cruise will proceed as planned. The gathering points and departure times are as listed below.

  1. Firle on Glynburn rd shopping centre north eastern corner departure time 9:00 am look for Don Cardone.

2. Elizabeth shopping centre car park Phillip Highway exit. Departure time 9:00am.                                 

3. Marion shopping centre car park just north of Diagonal rd exit. Departure time 9:05 am look for Grant Stevenson.

 4. Tea Tree Plaza next to MacDonalds . departure time 8:45 look for my red Falcon ute.

 If you live close to Semaphore you may wish to drive directly to the foreshore car park entrance immediately north of Noonies restaurant. 

If you are the only car at a departure point at departure time do not wait leave for Semaphore at the prescribed time.

 A pancake morning tea will be provided with toppings and paper plates etc please bring your own drinks,cups, a chair or rug, sun screen. 

You will be able to by coffees etc from Noonies restaurant at Semaphore. 

Everything going to plan should  result in everyone being at Semaphore just after 9:30 am at which time a decision will be made weacther to stay at Semaphore or drive on to Marque Restorations  corner of Torrens Rd and Goodall ave in Kilkenny. 

 Regards Pat Miller 0421289706 email nanmiller@adam.com.au.

Update – Monte Carlo ’Pancake’ Cruise

Club members attending the Monte Carlo Pancake cruise on Sunday morning next might be concerned about the weather forecast, it is not good at this stage.

Plan B is that we will all gather at the semaphore beach car park as planned.

If the weather is too awful Gerard has generously offered us the use of  Marque Restorations workshop, (corner of Torrens rd and Goodall ave about 15min from Semaphore ), as a venue to facilitate our pancake morning tea.  

It is not too late to let me know if you still would like to attend.

Pat Miller

Mob 0421289706 email nanmiller@adam.com.au

Clubbies SA

We are 21 years old

The Birthday Brunch Sue-Anne and I have developed a menu which is attached as a pdf. Although it is a buffet, it will be served as you come up to the food station, in accordance with current COVID19 requirements. Sue-Anne says no one will go away hungry – the new Churros will be a treat.

DATE – Sunday 21st November 2021 TIME – 9.30am to 11.30 am AREA – Restaurant as a private area. GUEST COUNT – 75 guests maximum SET UP – In the Restaurant we have set up 5 tables of 5 guests; 2 Tables of 20 & 1 table of 10. Guests will need to book whole tables of 5 (if they wish) & the other tables will be shared tables. Please advise guests “first in best dressed”!! They can call my mobile number to book. If I am unable to answer due to service times then I’m happy for them to leave a voice message & I will return their call. MENU – Staff serviced Buffet Breakfast. $42 Menu attached. DRINKS – Urn set up for Tea & Coffee for guests to help themselves. Any espresso coffees will be purchased separately. Jugs of juice on the tables along with water bottles.
Sue-Anne Badawee T 8337 2888 M 0418 846 256
The space is limited – book as soon as you can. I have got my 2 seats already! I need to book the place out to celebrate our success over the years.

In case it is not clear, the person you ring to book & pay for a place or a table at the Rezz for the ClubbiesSA 21st, is Sue Badawee – not me.
Sue-Anne Badawee T 8337 2888 M 0418 846 256

Hard to believe that our group is 21 years this year. Where has it all gone? I started the group because someone said i could read & write and talk to people, so why don’t I start a group of Clubbie people to get together.

So that’s what I did.

So, as you can see from the attached pdf file of the first two meetings & the attendance book signatures, we had our first meeting of the various characters I had got to hear of, heard of, or had raced with at Mallala, to meet at Dave & Di Palmers winery at Skillogalee. Dave was building a Westy very, very slowly as he was building the winery business.
It was a very hot day, in the 40+ degrees C, and Skillogalee is a long way on hot mostly straight bitumen, with minimal corners – roasting. Not ideal clubbie driving weather. The water & shelter Dave provided when we got there was lifesaving! Yet the hottest part of the day was still to come.

And what about the Bennet boys, Malcom & Stephen in their Clubbie. Had driven all the way from just outside Mildura in the heat just to be with us. Tough in the country. And after lunch, were driving back again in the roasting heat.

It was a great lunch with more water than their famous wines consumed, I think. Again, so hot even in the outside shade  that the butter was melting in the butter dishes. Still, a fabulous special lunch and much enjoyed by all.

It was a great start to getting many people together who may have only spoken on the phone or very early email/web discussions. The comments are indicative of the great day had by all. 

I had met Paul & Ruth Doube by chance in a street, just driving in my Clubbie. He ran out into the road and stopped me and said he had always wanted to build one, so I invited him to the event that was happening. They turned up at Skillogalee in their Ford Capri (the one outsider on the day) and spent the time talking to everyone.

Paul drove my car home (in the scorching heat) whilst my wife Liz & Ruth went back in the air conditioned Capri. Did I mention it was hot!

What a great start.

I included our second gathering notes at Akhira with Lyn & Robert in April 2001 where 20 people turned up. Another great day.
I kept an attendance record for maybe a couple of years at various gatherings and it is interesting to remember the dates and things we did.
A few years later, I started the concept of a Third Sunday (copied from the Lotus First Sunday run that several of us used to go on) at Burnside Village. This went on for several years until their re development and too many Toorak Tractors crowding into their space. Lovely space but the redevelopment moved us out.

Next, a brief year or so just up Greenhill Road and Devereux Road intersection till we outgrew the space and finally after a long search, to the Rezz. Over the last 12 years or so, Fred & Sue-Anne have been great hosts and generous in their support and sponsor ship with gifts for lucky draws at Christmas and other times. Importantly, it has been a safe space for our cars to be parked, easy to keep an eye on and importantly, coffee (and toilets).

So far, I have handed out about 170 membership key rings over the years. I have seen member and their cars come and go as their interest changes, and sadly, I have seen several friend “shuffle off this mortal coil”
As ClubbiesSA developed, together we have done great things from Mike Laws and Warren Scarman with the first Clubbie Nats in Echucca, to Mike Laws, Warren Scarman, Barry Edson, Paul Doube, Simon Gigney and myself organising the 2007 and 2011 Nationals in Hahndorf and Tanunda, and Alastair Dow, Phil Coates, Dion Schulz and myself delivering the 2019 Nationals, again at Hahndorf. The SA Nats are the best attended in Australia, with over 100 cars each time.
We now have first and third Sunday gatherings which cater for those both north and south and keeps the connections going in the group. And each month, it is highly likely that a new car or potential member may turn up with a car that we may not have known about. Whatever, they are always welcome.

So to the Anniversary lunch on the 21st November. I would like to celebrate the day with as many cars as possible so that we can get some great photos our our members cars outside the new Rezz. Fred says that for this day, we can park as tightly as possible on the grass up to the edge of the Hotel, where we now normally sit in the sun. This should give us some great picture opportunities.

Many of us are members of the Sprite Club and I am asking them if they would like to join with us on the day with their cars so their is a great display of cars.

Enjoy the attachments.

By the way, if anyone has got some access to some sponsorship dollars or give aways, I want to run some lucky draws for attendees, contact me.


Sean Powerseanpower30@icloud.com

Five Degrees of Retardation, or the joys of changing the carburettors

A great article from Robin Dunk

What a different 5 degrees makes. 5 degrees of ignition retard and the engine in my Midget finally came to life but what a journey to get this point.

Last year I installed a ‘fast road cam’ and a fully ported and polished cylinder head from a well-respected local cam grinder along with some other bits and tricks to extract a wee bit more power from the mighty 1275 A Series. My goal was in the region of 80hp or there abouts, a nice 15hp or roughly 25%  gain over standard. After pulling the engine out to install the new cam (not sure if this is just a 1275 A-Series thing but the engine needs to be inverted to replace the camshaft) and replacing all manner of hidden atrocities that the previous owner (or his mechanic) had failed to rectify, I was ready to tune it and take it for a test run.

I set the advance up as per recommendations and off up the road I went. It sounded a wee bit meatier but there was never the urge or the rolling sound that I expected. To be honest, it was flat in the critical 2000-3500 band. It briefly cam alive around 3500 but below that, nothing.

It was suggested the standard HS2 pair wasn’t feeding the beast it’s new dietary needs. That made sense to me. After a fair bit of searching various online markets I found a pair of HS4 off a 67 MGB and pair from a 79/80 Spitfire (or a 79 Midget), plus a few random strays of different sizes (need a pair of H1 for your Mk1 Sprite – I know someone who has a set he will gladly sell!). Note, the MGB ones I knew came off a working car so logically, I didn’t tackle them first. I rebuilt the late model HS4 with the ball bearing pistons. Mistake #2. 

I’ll come to Mistake #1 later.

That said, the lessons I learned from re-bushing the first pair carbs, the additional tools I’ve acquired etc has been invaluable.

Mistake #3 was my not pushing back against Moss for a major part that they sold me. HS4 needs a different manifold as the stud pattern is different. The suggestions I had was (a) cut and shut an MGB manifold (technically challenging), buy a Maniflow manifold (issue – availability) or Moss had a very neat manifold available on their website from Mangelosti, a known manufacturer of high quality racing intakes. The answer seemed logical. When it arrived, I read a warning on the packaging that didn’t appear on the Moss website. It stated that ‘some modification to body work may be required’. I should have sent it back immediately but I hung my hope on the words ‘may be’. I should have sent it back! The carburettors hit the inner guard and the car lay immobile for another month as I found and bought (and then had fixed) Option 2, the Maniflow manifold.

If you haven’t heard of Maniflow they make some of the best intake and exhaust manifolds in the business. The business grew out of Downton Engineering and, for A and B series engines, they have a great reputation. However …. they were heavily effective by COVID19 with their manufacturing program being at a very reduced capacity. And, there is one chap in the company who makes the Midget one. Anyway, the new, very sexy manifold duly arrived via SU Midel and I quickly switched everything across and, very excitedly, fitted the manifold. I was like a kid in a toy shop who had been looking through the windows for years. Mistake #4. In my haste to turn fuel and air into wonderful noise, I didn’t put a straight edge over the manifold. I trusted that, as the manufacturer of perhaps the best A Series intake manifolds anywhere, that it would be right. It wasn’t. The head faces where not flat and the faces were not parallel. Once it finally started (with three full turns on the jets and the chokes all the way down) it went to 4000+ revs on start-up and died. The air leaks were massive. I thought it was just air leaks…

By now the carbs have been removed four times and it just got worse. I went through everything trying to close the manifold leaks. New stepped washers, different gasket, gasket goop (we are up to six times on and off now, in case someone is counting). Out of frustration, I ring my brother and bounce ideas off him. Put a straight edge across it and shine a light up and see if its flat he suggests. Sure enough … a call to SU Midel, supplied them photos and they offered me to wait for the guy at Maniflow to get back off leave (and sea freight) or have it repaired. They quickly arranged for the manifold to go around to a local race mechanic and he agreed with my call on the manufacturing (phew) and resurfaced it. Back it came and, like that kid in the toy shop again, I rapidly re-assembled the manifold and installed it all.

Side note – by the 7th re-fit I can now install a set of SUs pretty quickly by now.

Everything was set and ready to go and it all should work right? Yeah …… no. Yes, it idled, kind of, but it wouldn’t drop under 1500 rpm. Mistake #2 was coming back to haunt me. The carburettors where off a Midget 1500 or a Trumpy Spitfire Mk5 (FZX1122). Why did I chose these to rebuild? Mainly because of the low profile ‘HIF’ style vacuum chambers were never going to hit the bonnet – Midgets have a severe lack of room under the bonnet! What I didn’t know was that the 1500 Triumph engine also uses a very different cam profile on the choke cams and the throttle quadrants. Now, in my defence, I wrote to SU Carbs (Burlen Fuels) in the UK to make sure my rebuild parts list was correct before ordering and I think they missed the part where I said it was for a conversion to a 1275 A Series. As a result, it was never, ever, going to idle under 1500 rpm as the cams hold the throttle discs too far open, even with no idle adjustment and no fast idle screws. 

Oh – the carbs have now come of another two times as I’ve been trying to resolve this and the used gasket count has been spiralling, but at least I’m not destroying exhaust gaskets, only the SU ones at $2 a pop (x6). Don’t do the maths, its depressing!

So, as I stood, beer in hand, contemplating giving up and refitting the original HS2s and going back on the road with my tail between my legs I remembered the early MGB ones. Has to be worth a shot I thought? The throttle shafts were heavily worn but by now my tool chest includes a neat oversize throttle spindle reamer from Joe Curto at British Superior and one set of his oversized (and over priced) shafts. Within 30 minutes and no more than a hand drill I had installed two brand new shafts, perfectly aligned the both carbies where finished. I refitted the low profile ‘HIF Style’ vacuum chambers, and in doing so made Mistake #5. The engine started, it idled, it behaved and using a pair of Colortunes I kind of got the mixture right and I rejoiced. Finally, off out onto the open road and up the old road to Belair, my favourite road for tuning the car. It was absolutely gutless and totally gut wrenching. Terrible doesn’t begin to describe it. The rockers where clattering like they were about to explode, there was some sort of fumes coming from the bonnet at the lights and the temperature was off the scale. 

Mistake #2 was still plaguing me and now Mistake #1 really kicked in. So I headed onto every Australian A Series forum I could find. It had to be the damned cam shaft and I was already devising ways to get the cam out without pulling the engine.  At about 9 o’clock on Sunday night I struck gold. Someone could identify the camshaft and gave me the cam grinders name and email address. So, I wrote to him. Checked my emails all Monday and was getting pretty frustrated when, at 5.30, the phone rang. It was Graham Russell, the chap who ground the cam. A quick chat over the phone and he basically sorted out my issues, corrected the last part of Mistake #2 and, most importantly, resolved Mistake #1 in about 30 seconds. 

The last part of #2 was the use of the HIF style vacuum chambers. They use the SU ‘B’ style spring for which the softest is the Red (4.5 oz tension) spring. I needed the lighter Blue (2.5 oz) as the vacuum wasn’t strong enough to lift the pistons. So, the MGB vacuum chambers where fitted and miracle, they clear the bonnet – just. Voila, I’m getting full movement in both pistons.

Which brings me to Mistake #1. The root cause of everything. When the cam came, the shop I bought it from gave me the advice to ‘set it as per the book for a standard cam’. So, I grabbed the book, got the timing details and set it all up. Here’s the rub. I have three versions of the workshop manual. A large folder of photocopy sheets of a 1971 British Leyland workshop manual, one of the first editions of the Haymes manual that I picked up for free in an op shop and the current version of the Haymes manual. The new one was on the top of the pile so I used that. It said use 13 degrees before top dead centre at 1000 rpm, vacuum disconnected. I couldn’t get it to run at 13 as every time I turned it off it ran on, but at 12 degrees it ran. I’ve been using that setting for exactly 12 months. Well, the book has a misprint – the timing should be 4-8 degrees BTDC. I backed if off on the vernier the full way (5 degrees) back to somewhere in the 7-8 region and the car cam alive. The engine note deepened, the power came on early, the engine ran cooler. Up the road to Belair it was pulling out of corners in 3rd where previously I felt I needed to get out an push in second. For 12 months its run like a woolly goat and it may well have run ok on the original HS2, but I’ll never know. 

Somewhere along the line, Haymes have attempted to make the manual look a bit tidier and easier to read and in doing so they’ve printed the wrong data. Six degrees of separation? I’ll take five degrees of ignition retardation any day!

Catering for Austin Healey Sprite and MG Midget Enthusiasts