Wow, what a great day we had.
30 cars and 43 people attended what could only be described as one of the better days. The weather was perfect, the grounds of the Birdwood Museum were as green as ever and great stories were to be told.
I would like to personally say thank you to the staff of the Birdwood Museum as they were so easy to work with and open to our needs of the day.
Secondly a huge thank you to Don, Peter and Sean for cooking all the food that we all enjoyed to eat.
I would also like to thank Don and Gordon for walking around and doing their job of registration on the cars.
And I would also like to take this opportunity of saying thank you to the flies for staying away all day.

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DISPLAY DAY -reply required.

The organisers need to know how many are coming to the Display Day.  This is needed for catering purposes.  Some 9 couples have already replied , but we need 31 more.

So if you coming could please reply NOW to this message.

Full details of the display Day are on the website.


Annual Display Day.

Where:  Birdwood  Motor Museum, Birdwood.

Date: Sunday October 12th

Time: 10:00  till 3:00pm




This is our Annual Display Day where we get to show case our cars and our Club to the public.  All our Sprites/Midgets  are now over 40 years old. One of the main aims of our Club is to Foster, Preserve and Promote Austin Healey Sprites and MG Midgets. We need to promote our cars to younger generations, otherwise our cars gradually lose their value.

It is important we present our cars and our club in a positive manner. Last year a few people turned purely for their annual inspection then promptly left.   As it is a display first and foremost it essential the cars remain on display TILL 3:00PM. The Club is paying for your admission on to the venue.


Cars can be inspected on the day for Historic registration,  and if your cars needs inspection this is a great time to do it.

So come along with your Sprite, Midget, Classic or Clubman and makes this a really  great day.

lets get at least 40 cars!



Run to Mannum

Sprite Run to Mannum on Sunday 21st September

What happens when owners of a Spridget, an MGBGT-Sprite, an Alfa-Sprite, an MG Magnet- Sprite and a Clubman-Sprite get together for a Sprite Run, on a perfectly beautiful Sunday in September ….. a lot of fun, that’s what!

After meeting at the Mt Barker Homemaker Centre- a navigational challenge for the Magnet; a pit stop in Nairne for an over committed Clubman (three functions in one day) we toured through great springtime scenery to Mannum- a route including challenging corners, sweeping bends and long straights- well planned by Peter and Ros.

We were greeted at the lunch destination by another couple who announced themselves as “someone’s nephew.” After some tactful investigation Mary discovered the “someone” belonged to a different club, which was also booked in for lunch. We invited them to join, in fact sign up immediately, but although they liked our friendly approach declined the offer. In the confusion of two clubs in one pub the other club had their booking cancelled!

Anyway we all had an abundant lunch (great salad and vegetable bar) looking out over the Mighty Murray. A stroll up the main street and excellent coffee al fresco at an old stone bank building completed the day.

Thanks to Peter and Ros, Ken and Mary, Gary and Faye, and Paul for a lovely day.
Don and Elaine

Club Birthday Lunch

To-day 35 people gathered at the Feathers Hotel at Burnside for a great lunch.

This was to celebrate the 42nd birthday of the Sprite Club of SA Inc.  Barb Ridge did a great job making sure the whole occasion ran without a hitch.

The food was great and plentiful, no need for dinner.  Garry Brock entertained us with a quiz, which at first seemed easy, but clearly tested all of us. Using your mobile phone to cheat was frowned upon. You could ask a friend because the whole of your table was consulted to find an answer. The smartest table took the prizes of fine wines donated by Michael McClaren.

It was good to see some faces not seen for a while.

So all in all it was a great lunch and a great way to spend your Sunday.




Annual Luncheon – Details!!

From Barb Ridge



Carvery at the Feathers Hotel

When: Sunday 14th September, 2014 at 12.30 p.m.

Cost: $34.00 per head

Where: Alfresco Room Feathers Hotel, 516 Glynburn Road, Burnside

You are invited to attend our Club luncheon with your fellow members, a carvery lunch, which includes soup, entrée, main course, dessert, tea and coffee.

Drinks can be purchased from the bar at your own cost.

Any enquiries to Barb your Social Conveynor, on 83879983

RSVP: NO later that 7th September

Payment must be IN FULL to Mary our Treasurer.

We ask that if you do pay by direct bank transfer, that you email the Club to inform us of your payment, your name and for how many people.

Bank Details: The Sprite Club of SA Inc.

BSB No: 085-005 Account No: 207432628


Cheque/Money Order with your name/names to be sent to:

The Sprite Club of SA Inc P.O. Box 21 Fullarton S.A. 5063

If you have any special food requirements, please let Barb know on her home phone number, or you may ring the Feathers Hotel direct on 83326133



Don Doug Run Sunday 10th August – Wrap UP- From Di Low

Six cars met at Haywood Park at 10.00 for 10.30am start. Gordon and Narelle Boyce set a new improved Don Doug Run. Over the year this event has caused driver/navigator tension, but this time peace reigned.

Run sheets handed out and a small clue of what was about to set the tone for the day. How many railways lines do we cross. How many different yellow animal advisory signs can we find. This should be easy we think.! But there is always a twist.

Those who braved the morning showers were,

The Organisers of the run Gordon & Narelle Boyce and their two children Kieran and Tiarna.
David & Di Low, our Sprite is engineless at the moment so we took our MX5.
Gary and Molly Beaton in their tin top, Gary’s car is also off the road.
Don & Elaine Cardone in their Alfa, Sprite ?,
Clive Spreadbury & Cheryl Pitt in their tin top, Sprite ?
Chris & Tina Brine in their Bugeye, a bit of rain didn’t deter these avid sprite drivers.
Apologies from Ken & Mary Dutch and Gary & Fay Brock, both on the sick list.


After a great drive we had lunch at the Oakbank Hotel, Gordon and Narelle had prepared a short Quiz and after much discussion and using our run sheets for clues, the winners were Chris & Tina , the rest of us also won a small prize. A excellent idea to revive one of the oldest annual runs of the Sprite Club.

So where were the rest of you, good food, good company and great roads. Gordon and Narelle took extraordinary trouble with two small children to put a great Sunday run together and it must be disheartening to have so few attend.

I know we all have busy lives but being a member of the Sprite Club isn’t just about attending the monthly meeting or joining to get historic registration, or as a stepping stone to motor sport. We have a number of members who motor race under the Sprite Club banner , Patrick Kukla has a small band of followers on a Sunday morning breakfast and run through the hills, but where are the 90+ members who we never see.

John Whitburn organised a fantastic shed visit about three weeks ago, So who went to this event, something different and by all accounts from those members who went, a experience not to be missed. I would have thought there would have been at least 25 or more may have gone.

We have our Birthday Lunch on the 14th September and it would be wonderful if those members who have been missing in action attend. Details on the website.

So next time perhaps you might consider getting the car out and joining a social event . It is like who can first the chicken or the egg. Its is hard to get members to organise a social event or weekend away. If you do take the time to organise a social event and it is poorly attended you won’t put up your hand again.

I suppose the bottom line is, has the Sprite Club of SA lost it’s relevance in today’s society, I hope not, over the year we have had some wonderful car experiences, lots of laughter and a few tears along the way, made some long term friends and the Sprite has been always been there.

At Easter our little red Bugeye has been in David’s garage for 30 years and it has had some amazing adventures. While we were in Queensland at the challenge we met two interstate members that have had their Sprites for 50+ years. Imagine what stories those little cars could tell.,
What I am saying is this is your club, you vote with your attendance at events. It is up to you.

Dianne Low
Life Member of the Sprite Club of SA

Don Doug + Pub Run Tomorrow!!

Hi Sprities

Don’t forget to get out for Gordon’s run tomorrow!

Hope you have marked your calendars for the “revised” DonDoug Pub Run.

Previously this run has been a cryptic navigation and observation run that has left many drivers, navigators and marriages in tatters!

The new format will be an enjoyable group run through the Adelaide Hill, finding nice Sprite roads, picturesque scenery, and “observing” important points of interest during the run.

We will finish at a country hills hotel for a warming Sunday Lunch.

Here questions will be asked of what you noticed and remembered from the run, to test your observation skills.

This will be a fun run, not a test of your ability to count fence posts, letter boxes or decipher where you ought to be.

Meeting Point:

Sunday 10th August 2014

10.00am for a 10.30am departure

Heyward Park (Southern end of King William Road)

Enter of Grove Street, Unley Park – Car Park, toilets and Play ground


Catering for Austin Healey Sprite and MG Midget Enthusiasts