Flaggies – The Bend

Message received by Pat Miller, and will be benefit to club members who have volunteered to flag on the weekend.

If there are any other club members who would like to join them it is not too late. Just contact Murray Stephenson email address included.

Greetings All,

Thank you for volunteering to help as a flaggy at the Super Sprint on Sunday 28 February at The Bend West circuit. The event would not happen without you.

Thank you to Alfa Romeo, MX-5, Sprite, BMW, Nissan Datsun and MG Car Clubs.

Could you please respond to let me know this has been received so I can follow up any that go missing.

As part of our COVID compliance measures there will be no face to face briefings for officials.

Attached are the flaggies briefing notes which I ask that you read before the event. There may still be some briefing over the radio once you are in position.

Also attached is The Bend waiver which you need to print, sign and have witnessed. Then bring it on Sunday and hand it in at the gate. 

Please bring both documents with you.

You will need to pick up a radio and safety vest in garage 1 on Sunday morning. Garage 1 is at the North end of the main building.

Please find attached a list of volunteers for Sunday with your allocation listed in the Comments column.

If you have any issues please let me know. 

If for any reason you are unable to come on the day, or think beforehand that you may not make it, it is vital that you notify your club delegate and me immediately. Under COVID restrictions we have only signed up the minimum numbers so any withdrawals will be an issue.

Bring the usual things for flagging, chair, coat, hat, drinks, snacks, sunscreen?, etc. There will be sanitizer and wipes on site.

You will receive lunch as usual which will be served in garage 1 near form up. 

The gates will open at 0730 and close at 0900. Please report to garage 1 by 0815 ready to pick up your radio, vest and go. You can take a car to all points via “the moat” which is a dirt track outside the main concrete wall. Turns 1 to 6 travel clockwise (north) and 7 to 12 anti clockwise (south). Note that all flag bunkers are on the outside of the track, just some turn numbers are shown on the infield.


Murray Stephenson

Secretary, MSCA

Mobile: 0419 565 970

Email:     stephenson@esc.net.au

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