Membership Details

The Sprite Car Club fosters the spirit of community and the love for British Sports cars and above all exists to Promote, Foster and Preserve the Austin Healey Sprite and MG Midget.

We offer a range of great value membership options, including a Social Membership for those without a classic car but just want to be part of the Classic Car movement and a Corporate Membership scheme for those business owners who wish to register their Classic Cars via the Conditional Registration Scheme.

All new membership applications are subject to a once-off $50 joining fee.

Conditional Registration (often referred to as ‘Historic Rego’) is available to eligible members. This system is ideal for cars that are used occasionally, allowing up to 90 days of registration per year, for a discounted registration fee. The Conditional Registration Scheme includes cars that are old than 25 years, Left Hand Drive and, most recently, vehicles that comply with the South Australian Individually Constructed Vehicle category. Further information with regard to the South Australian Conditional Registration Scheme can be found at can be obtained by contacting the club, via the Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs (SA) or Services SA.

You don’t need to own a Sprite or a Midget to be a member, although we would love it if you did! The Club has a vibrant ‘Associate Vehicle’ membership and we welcome members with related Associate Vehicles, in particular those marques of British Motor Corporation and British Leyland manufacture, as well as members of ClubbiesSA and their Clubman style vehicles.  

Please note! All applications for Conditional Registration for Associate Vehicles (i.e. not a Sprite or a Midget); however, are subject to Club Committee consideration and approval prior to accessing the South Australian Conditional Registration Scheme via the Sprite Club of South Australia. If we feel that there is a club better suited for your needs we will recommend them to you or we may direct you to the Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs (SA). If in any doubt, please contact the Club before submitting your application form and fees!

For ClubbieSA members seeking to understand the requirements to access the Conditional Registration Scheme for their Individually Constructed Vehicles, the Club has prepared a guide that can be accessed <here>.

If you would like to become a member or are renewing your membership please print out the appropriate application form and send it back to the Club with your fee remittance.

Please do not hesitate to ask the Club any questions!