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Joseph Lucas Limited of Birmingham, England advertised their business as the “King of the Road” ! Their products were, for that point in time, world class and leaders in the automotive electrical field. with a background in auto electrics is was always impressed with the workings of their various equipment and electrical accessories.

Often being blamed for cars and motorbikes having various electrical problems, led to the “Prince of Darkness’ label and the associated jokes – Why do the English drink warm beer………….Lucas Refrigerators!

Recently I obtained a Sprite wiring loom, as I was looking for specific wire sizes and colours for a project. On removing the cotton braided covering and the cloth tape revealed the wires and specifically the wire colour – with colours trace.

On investigation of the loom and specifically a number of the connectors, I noticed that the loom had undergone some repairs in it’s life span.

These included the main terminal on the generator, wiring to the generator and ignition coil, including the tacho wire. Some of these were poorly crimped, twitched together and taped with electrical tape!

These repairs, while made many years ago, could have been the source for a high resistance and the non-operation of the ignition, starting, charging or tacho.

So be cautious when blaming Joseph Lucas, it may have been someone else’s poor handiwork that leaves you stranded on the side of the road!

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  1. Email from Richard Stokes

    On our first sprite in 1972 – Bug-eye RWR609 – I had a constant issue with wires behind the dash warming up quite alarmingly.
    Once one of the wires began smoking and then igniting I decided it was time to investigate.
    Firstly I inspected the two fuses for size – ah ha – one of the fuses was a piece of stainless steel rod, turned down to the exact size of a fuse! It looked okay, but…
    No wonder! Then a meticulous (for those who know me, that’s a ridiculous word to describe my methods) search for the offending reason.
    And of course, with the passage of time, I can’t remember what it was. I do know it was something incorrectly earthed.

    Keep up the good work Gordon.

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