Flogga ’73

From the archives comes the first of Reinhard Walker’s digitally recreated articles from old articles of Sprouting Forth. With the aid of digital scanning, Reinhard has been able to combine the old articles with the images he and others took at the time to really bring these fabulous memories to life.

The intent is to create a digital archive within the Members area so watch out for a new folder link in the menus in the coming days.

To attempt to control the file sizes on the web, Reinhard is experimenting with a new format called Story Maps. Rather than posting the full article here, you will find a link below that will take you to the article. It will take you away from the Sprite Club website and into the Story Maps environment.

Enjoy – this looks like it was an absolute blast of a road trip!

>Flogga ’73<

2 thoughts on “Flogga ’73”

  1. Thanks Joe, A great read,but who are all those youngsters in your photos? Looking forward to reading more of your history book. Cheers from Alex Robertson. ( Ex AHSDC, but now a Queenslander!) Hope you get to the Sprite shindig in Albury Wodonga in March.

    1. Thanks Alex, long time no see hear!
      A lot of those youngsters were a lot hairier than they are now! Some of the hairy SA members who appeared in the photos include Richard and Mandy, Dean and Helen, Kevin and Marilyn, David and Kathy, Jenny Mansell, John Clarke and Jill Gouck. As you may have noticed, I do not feature in the photos (“Always on the wrong end of a camera … “).
      Speaking of hairy, do you remember when the SA mob were called Aardvarks, the Vics were called Wombats, and the NSW bunch were called Dingoes? Does migrating to Qld mean that you have become a Cane Toad? (Or are you still an expatriate Wombat?)
      Do you ever bump into that Grand Poohbah Aardvark, Graham Harris?
      Yes, I am feeling the pressure, and may have to count my pennies and seriously consider getting to the Sprite Shindig

      Hello from Reiner (Joe)

      PS : Richard and Mandy, Dean King, Helen King, Marilyn Warren and Jill Gouck all say “Hello!”. (Kevin died back in 2020)

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