URGENT Re-Union / Re-Visited Dinner Incorporating Stars and their Cars

URGENT Re-Union / Re-Visited Dinner Incorporating Stars and their Cars

17 April at Sporting Car Club clubrooms

Text Box: *** But if you haven’t done so, now is the time to RSVP for everyone planning to attend this club event.   RSVP to : social@spriteclub.com.au
It’s the only way we can handle catering numbers.
Thanks to all those members who have responded.

*** But if you haven’t done so, now is the time to RSVP for everyone planning to attend this club event.   RSVP to : social@spriteclub.com.au

It’s the only way we can handle catering numbers.

All you need to know:

Date:               Saturday 17 April 2021

Venue:            Sporting Car Club at 51 King William Road Unley

Time:               6.30pm for 7pm

Cost:    $40ph  Note if the Club is holding your payment for our cancelled “Namaste” dinner you do NOT have to pay twice.


BSB:  085-005

Account Number: 20-743-2628

Peter Hall 6 hour Relay

MSCA Peter Hall Memorial 6 hour Regularity Relay which will be run on Sunday 2nd May 2021.

Supplementary Regulations are up on the MSCA website.  http://www.mscasa.com/suppregs/6hourreg/supp_reg.aspx, entries are open and to be lodged through the Motorsport Australia Entry System.

Please get a team or two organised and come and enjoy the day with us this year, alternatively contact Pat Miller for Team info for the Red Heifers.  Unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions, NO DINNER will be held on Sunday night but presentation will be conducted about 6:00pm on Sunday 2nd May 2021.  Mallala Motorsport Park will have a practice day for cars only on Saturday 1st May 2021.  Cost not included in entry.  Refer to home page of the MSCA website sight for booking details.  Scrutineering will be done via the MA Self-Scrutineering Checklist & MA Self Statement of Vehicle Compliance which need to be submitted with the COVID-19 checklist & Mallala Waiver forms to comp@mscasa.com prior to entering.  Form B’s which are available on our website need to be submitted by the Team Manager.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information by emailing msca on comp@mscasa.com

Over COVID Rock’n’Roll Festival

As the sun sets over the pine trees, and the coolness of the evening fell over the Lenswood Oval, the sounds of the Master’s Apprentices last few songs (Gloria and Turn Up Your Radio) echoed around the natural amphitheatre to finish up a wonderful day.

Hills farmer, orchardist, and Sprite Club member Garry Beaton, ably assisted by Molly, plus a number of fellow Hills residents saw the need to support the local district. Having been through the usual seasonal variations as a farmer, the recent bushfires and COVID-19 have put a range of pressures and issues on the Hills communities and the support services, the CFS being one of them.

Gary and his colleagues sowed the idea of having an event that would bring some people into the area and support the district. Rock’n’Roll music, local food, wine and produce plus a few classic cars should fit the bill. Add the Mater’s Apprentices as the headline act, the support of the Sprite Club for some display vehicles and the stage is set.

14 Sprite Club vehicles plus some of Garry’s neighbours vehicles made a total display of 22 cars. These included the vehicles of the usual attendees; Brines, Boyces, Beatons, Kings, Kinlays, Tyes, Chabrels, Schmarrs and Brocks. New members, Steve and Kathie Leane in their Blue Mk II Sprite, Peter Dineen displaying his Cream Midget and Grant Stephenson’s Bugeye having its first Sprite Club run in nearly 14 years, added to the line up added some different Spridgets to the display.

Some of Garry’s neighbours vehicles included Jaguar XK120, very original Torana A-9X, Mustangs, Corvettes plus el Camino Chev added to the Sprites, Midgets, Mini, Clemente Clubman, Lotus and Tigra.

The bands started at 12.00pm and belted out a range of rock’n’roll hits throughout the day. Food stalls, wineries and breweries provided the guests with enough of the local produce to keep the the hunger pains away.

Between the different bands there were gymnastic displays, belly dancing and other assorted activities to keep the crowd entertained. There was a dance floor for those who wanted to kick up their heels and a few rock’n’rollers showed their specific moves.

A “Most Appealing Car” award allowed the public to view the display vehicles and choose their favourite. This went to Gary and Faye Brock and their Holden Tigra. Well done to the both of you! Not only the oldest members in the Sprite Club, but they stayed well into the early evening enjoying the sounds of the bands.

Of course the highlight was the Master’s Apprentices, who played a variety of originals, covers and iconic songs that keep the crowd on their feet until the twilight of the evening. While there was one more band to go, most of the members headed back to the city thankful that they could support the event,and particularly the local region affected by a number of issues over the past few years.

Special thanks to all members for bringing their vehicles to support the event. Thanks to Garry , Molly and their fellow organisers for allowing us to join in the event, and we look forward to supporting similar activities in the future.

Thursday Tech-Tips

Joseph Lucas Limited of Birmingham, England advertised their business as the “King of the Road” ! Their products were, for that point in time, world class and leaders in the automotive electrical field. with a background in auto electrics is was always impressed with the workings of their various equipment and electrical accessories.

Often being blamed for cars and motorbikes having various electrical problems, led to the “Prince of Darkness’ label and the associated jokes – Why do the English drink warm beer………….Lucas Refrigerators!

Recently I obtained a Sprite wiring loom, as I was looking for specific wire sizes and colours for a project. On removing the cotton braided covering and the cloth tape revealed the wires and specifically the wire colour – with colours trace.

On investigation of the loom and specifically a number of the connectors, I noticed that the loom had undergone some repairs in it’s life span.

These included the main terminal on the generator, wiring to the generator and ignition coil, including the tacho wire. Some of these were poorly crimped, twitched together and taped with electrical tape!

These repairs, while made many years ago, could have been the source for a high resistance and the non-operation of the ignition, starting, charging or tacho.

So be cautious when blaming Joseph Lucas, it may have been someone else’s poor handiwork that leaves you stranded on the side of the road!

Judy & Russell’s Hills Face Roaming

Sprite Club Mid-Week Run Wed 17th March.

Club members at Hazelwood Park, beautiful autumn morning, Covid sign in done. Time for briefing, great news no traffic lights at all.

11 cars, 4 Sprites, 2 MG Midgets, 1 MX5,1 Golf Convertible,1 Tigra,1 Saab,1Jazz and Chris & Tina met us for lunch.

We crossed the Hill Face, through back streets, on and off the SE Freeway, Mt Lofty, Old Norton Summit, Teringie. Morning Tea spot Morialta Park. Marble Hill road and on to Scenic Hotel for lunch.

67 Kilometres of winding roads, great views across the Valleys and the City skyline to the beaches beyond. 

Great Run notes, a couple of missed turns and a road closure all made for a happy group of Sprites and others.

Lunch in the Beer Garden at the Scenic Hotel, under new owners delivered great meals.

Once again Russell & Judy organised a great run  lots of twists and  turns, with some roads not travelled, it takes time and effort to keep coming up interesting runs for us to enjoy.

Gary Brock thanked them both for another great day.

Dianne Low.

Clubbies SA Coffee and Chat

The Clubbies SA group have always extended an invitation to the Sprite Club members to join them either at The Rezz Hotel, or lately at the Perfect Note Cafe in Blackwood on various Sundays in the month.

On Sunday the 7th March, the Lows, Tyes and Jackson’s join the Clubbies SA group for a coffee and chat. With a range of Pumas, Kestrels and other assorted clubmans, the Sprites and Lotus did not look out of place.

Thanks to Sean Power and the Clubbies SA members for making us welcome.

Classic Sports car cruise

With a fine and mild weather forecast, on arrival at Windy Point lookout there was an assorted array of classic sports cars for the first cruise for 2021.

Sprites, Midgets, MX-5’s, Triumph Stag and Lotus Elan made an impressive display – add a couple of moderns and a total of 13 cars made up the field.

As usual Pat Miller had devised a route that took in the Windy Point descent, Springbank and Goodwood roads to arrive at the labyrinth of the new Darlington Interchange.

Get it right and you will head south on the Expressway, get it wrong and you will need more that a Gregory’s, UBD, GPS or search party to find your way back!

All cars ended up on the Expressway and the convoy looked great, with many looks from the passing public. Soon we exited and headed via Beach Road to Port Noarlunga.

Stopping at the Woolworths car park, a quick chat and review that all had arrived provided a chance to award a small prize as voted by the judges.

Most Appealing Car of the Run went to the Tye’s and their Lotus Elan, while the Vehicle with the Best Patina went to Miles Jackson’s Mk IIA Sprite.

A quick vote and most headed to the Port Noarlunga Fish’n’Chip shop for dinner and watch the sunset, while other headed off in the various directions.

Thanks to all who supported the event and special thanks to Pat Miller for organising the event. Looking forward to the next run!

Catering for Austin Healey Sprite and MG Midget Enthusiasts