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Dates in calendar

Hi Still trying to sort out small things on the site however one warning ¬†– the dates in the little events calendar widget on the sidebar you’ll see the are in the US format at the moment ie Month/Day/Year…


any one dead Sprite on the Mannum run – head gasket…:-(


Hi Everyone

So here it is – the new website is finally done…sorry about the delay ūüôā

You’ll see that it’s pretty much the same content as the old site¬†just¬†a bit prettier and allows for easier¬†placement¬†of images etc.

We will institute a new format for the club magazine shortly and provide an archive under the members area for things of interest from the old site¬†in coming¬†weeks. ¬†We want you all to be part of the new site and be able to comment and be active on it – I’ll email you shortly with details of logins etc. ¬†Sorry if some things aren’t perfect but I¬†had¬†a few issues with the changeover to the ‘live’ site hopefully to be fixed soon(ish).

Thanks for your ongoing support of the club!