Re-United, Re-Union, Re-Visited Dinner Plus Stars and Their Cars

The 2020 Sprite Club Annual Dinner was put on hold last year due to COVID-19 , so a Re-United, Re-Union Dinner was planned for November, but it also was cancelled due to COVID-19. So the Committee, guided by Social Coordinator, Michael McClaren, planned a Re-United, Re-Union, Re-Visited Dinner at the Sporting Car Club at Unley.

Also incorporated with the event were the Stars and Their Cars Display, with the vehicles of Peter Dineen (MG Midget), Darrel Hanna (Sprite Mk III), Steve Leane (Sprite Mk II) and Gary Brock (Holden Tigra) displayed on stage as a backdrop to the evening.

The Dinner started with pre-dinner drinks and nibbles, after the usual COVID QR sign-in and it was a chance for many members to catch-up and socialise, some we have not seen for over 12 months. Then the catered Roast Meal was served and there was a vast array of meats, salads and vegetables for members to enjoy. This was followed by an assortment of desserts, tea and coffee.

President Gordon Boyce acted as MC and Interviewer and had the various members up on stage and talk about their early motoring history and about their specific cars. There was a theme with many owning Austin/Morris/BMC vehicles with the occasional Holden thrown in. Many of these cars had Twin/triple SU carbies fitted and the usual bits and pieces a new owner will add to their first pride and joy!

Each of the Member’s cars had a Re-United, Re-Union or Re-Visited theme as well. Peter Dineen’s Midget had been previously owned for 40 years by Richard and Mandy Stokes, so Richard was re-united with the Midget and joined Peter to talk about the car’s early life.

Steve Leane’s Sprite Mk II had previously been owned by Kurt Heinrich, so it is good to have the car’s re-union with the Sprite Club. Steve had slowly been doing bits and pieces to the Sprite since joining the club in late 2020. It is also a very early 1961 Sprite Mk II, so was celebrating it’s 60th birthday as well.

Many has last seen Darrel’s Sprite Mk III as a stripped bodyshell on a rotisserie at the visit to Marque Restorations last year. Gerard Miller and the team have done a fantastic job, and the Sprite has been re-united with Darrel and is looking just like to did when it rolled out of the factory many years ago. Also has the “optional” child’s seat located behind the seats, although it would require a very small child to fit in this space.

Gary Brock’s Holden Tigra was awarded Peoples Choice at the Over COVID Festival at Lenswood Oval recently, so was good to be re-united with this interesting vehicle and it’s electric roof. Gary was proud to show the retracting and raising of the roof, although too many operations can cause the battery to go flat!

There was also some trophy presentations for 2020 Lady Driver of the Year – Helen Stephenson and the 2020 Encouragement Award – Michael Doube. Congratulations to both winners!

Special thanks to Michael McClaren for his organisation of the event, and must also include thanks to partner Pat plus Chris and Tina Brine for the set-up and assisting with the dishes, etc. And thanks to Gary Brock, who magically produced one of his famous “Gary’s Quiz” to keep the members entertained between food courses.

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