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[image generously provided by John Whitburn]

Historic Mallala race meeting

Easter Saturday saw the Unholy Trinity [Kevin, Garry and myself] make their way out North to Mallala to represent the Sprite Club at the Display at the track.

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John Whitburn decided to show up in this…..

Seems John’s Mk2 has gone through some modification since we saw it last…

This was the way the grid looked at the start of the ‘S’ group race. A TVR at the front next to a 911 Porsche……

…who spun at Turn One…

The lunch break gave the displayed cars a chance to have a few parade laps as the crowd ate lunch.  Kevin promised to behave himself out there and duly did so.  Thanks to Rose for her photographic prowess.

Spring removal successful!

As many of you know I’m restoring a bugeye and at the last meeting I reported on the fact that I’d broken the heads of the rear spring bolts – however thanks to a tenacious cornishman (AKA John Whitburn) they have been successfully removed and the bugeye is now happly at minus paints!

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Phillip Island Historics 2012

Road Trip!….not as bracing perhaps as the Clubman fraternity like to have it, but nonetheless a pleasant trip over with a few of the boys over to Phillip Island to look at old things going very bloody fast.

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Including three dozen of these nasty fellas – best place to see them?  Main straight plunging into Turn One…you can spot who has left the brains in the toolbox from that vantage point.

OK – Slightly less insane perhaps, but all of our BMC brotherhood represented themselves quite well that weekend, including one absolute ball tearer run from behind from Troy Ryan [NOT illustrated above], after an off track excursion early in the race.  I think he may have been a little pleased with himself after that little effort.

And then there was the exotica – the Wheatcrofts brought over Ascari’s season dominating Ferrari Tipo 500 over for a blast – and blast it did, mercifully some people have retained the good sense to exercise priceless machinery for the broader enjoyment of others.  Although pretty to look at, they look much better at full song, and driven with some intent.

For more of the same, click the link and have a look at some of the other pics I took that weekend. [just click on the right gallery on the right of screen – looking past the drag racing]






Fish and Chip Run to Encounter Bay

The run was conducted yesterday March 18th in superb weather for Sprites. Everything ran smoothly, even the cars.
So I would like to thank these people for turning up and making the day enjoyable for all.
Peter Dineen and Ros, Garry and Molly Beaton, Ken and Mary Dutch, Hilton and Kim Jamieson, and Barb Ridge.

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David & Di Low (organisers).

Catering for Austin Healey Sprite and MG Midget Enthusiasts