All British Day 2012 – in a borrowed Bugeye

Uraidla Oval was once again the venue for the gathering of several hundred examples of the best and brightest achievements of the British motor industry.  In the far corner of the Oval under the goal posts were the new banners for the Sprite Club of SA, and twelve examples of the marque.

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 Few would argue that this is not a well attended event and the weather certainly made it a pleasant prospect.  Helps when you snag a spot under the marquis.  Not even the Rolls and Bentley crowds got shade!  Centre stage was taken by the Cortina – Capri Club of SA, who rolled up in some pretty grunty examples, including this…

No sign of any strudel, curry, or Peking duck here folks, just Morris dancers jingling away between Punch and Judy shows, and the Goon Show over the speakers.  Doing the rounds of the Oval were the usual crowd of hard core enthusiasts, poring over engine bays and peering into cabins, critiquing and murmuring long forgotten details and factiods, generally making the average trainspotter look a bit average.

The above grinning idiot is me – driving in a clean Sprite for once.  Thing is, it’s not mine, it’s a loaner from Mike Schmidt, [Cheers Mike], who is selling his uber clean and original Bugeye [see ad on this website].  I am not sure whether it was a good idea for me to have driven this car.  It feels decidedly unnatural to have everything work as it should, and an undercarriage that is cleaner than should be allowed.  Points off for unrealistic presentation Mike.  In the spirit of Sprite-Swapping [a new craze hitting the Club], mine went in as a Rover P5B driven by Ken, in an entry paid for by another Mike.  Look, it’s complicated, but all cars were returned in one piece and no one’s feelings were hurt.

I never get tired of seeing this car – the DBR Z ‘Special’ that sounds like war – well just a small one. This event is all about variety, not taking one’s self very seriously, with the only downside being the fact that you probably should wash your car before displaying it.  Fortunately, I got some help – thanks Mike.  It is also a chance to gather some rare sights together like this moment with our friend Paul Mitchell and another Jem.  These two were fielding “what is it” questions all day.

It wasn’t all cars though, there was a Commer and Bedford truck in there, stationary engines chugging away in the background, stalls sellings bits, and a small gathering of British bikes clustered around some pretty hardy looking gents.  I am sure they must be able to back up the look with substance – anyone who can kick start a Vincent Black Shadow from cold gets maximum respect from me.

It can’t be a real one…it doesn’t drip oil….

All British Day.  Just don’t mention the War.  Or the fall of the Empire, warm beer, constant rain, or Tom Jones.  Love their cars though….


One cloudy Sunday in a Sprite

Range Road, heading up the hill, really wishing I had an extra 20hp…

Final count for 2011.

  • 49 trips,
  • 6734miles, or 10,774 km.
  • Number of times broken down on the side of the road?  3
  • Amount of money spent on maintenance….pass
  • Average fuel consumption? don’t care
  • Best moment…chasing down John Tran outside Lobethal.
  • Worst moment…missing out on Fruchocs this year in the Bay to Birdwood showbag