St Paddy's Day BBQ and Run

St Patrick – keeper of the Faith and Supreme Optimist.  As is seen below, the facial expression of Patrick is one of contentment, confidence in his Sprite and the knowledge that surely, God is on the side of all things BMC.  Or maybe he has drunk too much green liquid the night before…..

St p

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To mark this occasion you are again invited to join us for a run and a BBQ afterwards.

SUNDAY 17th March

Meet at Fullarton Community Centre 10am for a 10.30 start.

Convoy in spirited fashion to Meadows [ish], and on to a

BBQ at 41 Dorrien Ave, Woodcroft

BYO drink, chair and a small salad to share [meat provided]


St Paddy's Sprite Run – Sunday 17th March

Obviously it fell to me to sort out a run for St Patrick’s Day, so here goes.

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Meet at The Fullarton Community Centre at 9.45 for a 10am start.

A run around Hills will then be had, followed by a BBQ at noon at 41 Dorrien Avenue, Woodcroft.

Byo drink, chairs and a small salad to share – BBQ meat wil be supplied by the Club.  RSVP for catering purposes to either me, or to Barb.

A prize will be awarded for the most interesting / unusual ‘green’ object brought to the event!


New Life Members

It’s been a long understood fact that David and Di Low are frequently at the centre of the life of the Sprite Club of SA, both having been long term members and for much of that time, holding a Committee position.


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In recognition of this, David and Di were gifted a Life Membership of the Sprite Club of SA, a well deserved honour and acknowledgement of their contribution to the life of the Club over many years.  Congratulations!



All British Day Spare Entry

A broken Mk2 Sprite means that there is a spare entry to the All British Day.

photo-14 This is the only Sprite driving I’m going to be able to do for a while, so if you want the entry, give me a call.  0417 027 236.

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New Distributor Rotors to solve old problems

Take a look at    This site explains the problems associated with the current rotors available and how some new technology can eliminate the problems. This is the result of an article in the latest edition of the Sprite Drivers Club of Vic magazine.


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Australia Day wrap up

From Barb…

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Australia Day
23 members wound their way up to Gumeracha to Fay and Gary Brock’s home for the traditional Australia Day BBQ and what a day it turned out to be. Adelaide put on wonderful weather for the event. Lots of nibbles, including Molly’s wonderfully exhilirating prawn crackers, and along with the barbie food and sweets, which were mouthwateringly delicious, none fattening of course, ha ha ha!, and with all the alcoholic beverages one could imagine, make it an enjoyable day.
The Australia Day Trophy, renamed the John Bowering trophy, in remembrance of John, was won by one of our newest members, Gerry Thompson, who assured us that he would cherish and care for the trophy until next year.

Thanks again to the Brocks for opening up their lovely home for a really enjoyable event.

Australia Day – Thong throwing

Dont forget the thong throwing and Australia day BBQ at the Brock’s


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Title: Australia Day – Thong Throwing Contest
Location: Fay & Gary Brock’s10 Ebenezer Pl Gumeracha
Description: The traditional Sprite Club Australia Day event and we will continue holding the event as a memorial to John Bowering at the Brocks.  BYO drinks, BBQ meat and salad OR sweet to share
Start Time: 11:00
Date: 26-01-2013
End Time: 16:00


High Country & Murray River Tour – Anzac Weekend Update

Fantastic driving & scenic roads have been chosen for all sections of this 5 day tour at an average of 300km / day.

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The drive from Lilydale / Coldstream up to Bright, and the return home from Hume Weir to Lilydale all form part of the event over selected ‘Spritely’ touring roads with scenic stops along the way.


Wednesday 24th April: Travel from Lilydale/Coldstream to Bright overnight via Thornton, Jamieson, Benalla and Milawa.

Thursday 25th : Travel from Bright to Mt Hotham, Omeo and Anglers Rest, Mt Beauty and back to Bright overnight again.

Friday 26th : Travel from Bright to Corryong overnight via Mt Buffalo, Happy Valley and Tallangatta.

Saturday 27th: Travel from Corryong to Ebden on Lake Hume via Cabramurra, Elliot Way, Walwa and Bell Bridge.

Sunday 28th: Travel from Ebden to Lilydale via Beechworth, Oxley, Whitfield, Mansfield and Yea.


There has been a huge response to this event, and it is almost full, with 18 couples already booked in with their deposits paid for the accommodation. We have 5 couples from SA, 2 couples from NSW, and the rest from Vic.

In fact there is only one room left at the Corryong Mountain View Motel (we have all the rooms and phone numbers in the previous listing) so any extra folk will have to try the Corryong Country Inn (02 6076 1333) over the road back towards the centre of town a few hundred metres. (The Corryong Hotel Motel (02 6076 1004) booked for the evening meal, is about half way between, and has cheaper ‘basic’ workman type cabins out the back too.).

However at the other o/n venues there are a couple of cabins left that are still reserved for us.

MEALS: All the evening meal venues have been booked as well as a couple of lunch venues, but meal choices will be yours, and pay as you go.


I will ‘cap’ the numbers to about 21- 24 couples, as otherwise we will have too many at the venues and on the road, even though I will split everyone into 3 touring speed groups.


There has been a small modification to the routes that will not affect those coming from NSW. The group has voted to modify the route up, to include the Thornton-Jamieson run, and do the Whitfield-Mansfield run on the way back. I have further details if you need them. All else is the same as listed earlier.


If you do want to make a booking (at all 3 venues) please let me know so I can keep a track of numbers, and for catering purposes etc, and for further contact about updates.

It is all very exciting, and the Second Newsletter with more details for those attending is about to be e-mailed out.

If you have any further queries contact John Fowler on 0400 278 375 or




Austin Healey Sprite – Cold War Warrior!! – UPDATED

From ‘Sports Car World’ – August 1965


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BMC’s contribution to the Cold War effort is largely unheralded – until now.  Little known is the Sprite’s apparent popularity as the preferred vehicle for escaping East Germany and into the West.  Of the three recorded Sprite inspired escapes, the most daring is the one effected by the then 23 year old Karl Heinz Schaeffer and his blushing bride to be, Agnes Walter, 26.  They had worked on their cunning plan to freedom from the opressive East for a year.

The scene of this derring-do is the border crossing between Czechoslovakia and Austria at the Bratislava crossing.  Armed with Kalashnikovs and orders to shoot to kill, border guards patrol the tightly held crossing, with a low barricade set across the road.

Meeting innocently as tourists in Czechoslovakia, they drove toward the border crossing with the windscreen loosened.  Suddenly, they removed the windscreen, whipped around the cars lined up at the border, and flashed beneath the barricade amid a hail of bullets and on to freedom!

This daring escape was made possible by the fact that the barriers used were 37 inches high, and the windscreen-less Sprite has a total height of 36 inches.

This was apaprently not the first such attempt made using the Sprite.  One other couple made a similar crossing technique, this time at Checkpoint Charlie, only reinforcing the rear facing bullet proofing qualities of British steel by stuffing the mother in law in the boot!  The very same red Sprite was used by another couple at the same crossing three months later.

Thanks to that font of all things Sprite – Gordon Boyce – we have a proof pic of the human placement, proving once and for all that size does not matter, as long as the first line of defense is carefully chosen…



In the same issue, Sprorts Car World do a somewhat more empirical test of the Sprite’s fine handling qualities at Oran Park by asserting that “One finds that the most profitable Sprite technique was to the leave the locking over point as late as possible into the corner – sometimes braking into the apex – so that the car would start across the apex in an artificial oversteer attitude” .

I’m sure that the Kalashnikov weilding border guards took careful note of this at Checkpoint Charlie almost fifty years ago!

“Look Sergei – this one leaves his braking much later into the apex!”  



Lenswood Harvest Festival – 23rd March – put it in your diaries!

lenswood-poster revised
This is going to be a good one!
The Sprite Club of SA has been invited to display around 20 of its members cars with the Riley Club.  Bring your Sprite / Midget / other, even if it is on a trailer partially restored.  And as if free entry to Club particpants isn’t enough, the ‘Green Room’ will be providing coffee, tea and light refreshments all day.
Start time will be 11am, and all cars are asked to remain at the venue to 5pm.  As you can see though, there is plenty to see, do and importantly eat, so this is no ordinary day.
And you have the chance to win trophies!
Best Sprite
Best Car [judged by both Clubs],
Best Riley [this one will be tough to win if you bring your Bugeye…]
or the democratically inspired – Best Car – judged by the People
So, RSVP to me, at, or to Garry Beaton, and be quick.
In the event of Catastrophic Fire Conditions being declared by CFS the Festival will be cancelled and every attempt made to contact Car Club members prior.
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