National Magazine Article

Take a look at the latest issue of The BMC Experience (Issue 4 January-March 2013) at your Newsagent.  Page 23 is a full page article on the 5 Ferries Run. Also page 12 is an article on our Vic cousins Club, The Sprite Drivers Club of Vic.


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Cherry Picking – Garry Beaton's

Garry and Molly have had an exceptional cherry season and they would like to let club members know that there are still plenty of the best organic cherries available to pick over this weekend.  This is one of the best seasons for years so if you have a hour or two get up to Lenswood and get a bucket or two!  Special $5 per kilo for sprite club members!

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BP Organic Cherry Farm

Location: 437 Mawson Rd, Lenswood.
Phone: 08 8389 8222 / 0407 223 399
9am – 5pm, 7 days.
Organically grown red, white and sour cherries, NASAA certified organic Cert 5375.

Blazing saddles…

Tomorrow’s [Paddy’s] Breakfast Run will start at the same time [8.15am at 25 Main St Hahndorf] but due to the fact that the weather will be less warm than in the Pit of Hades, I will be scurrying back home by around 10.30am.

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imagesSnow in Adelaide in December….not likely…


Some maddies did join me – you know who you are – and you wouldn’t believe who cooked our breakfast but the Man Himself, aided by his Helpers, Santa did a fine job of the eggs Benedict.


Xmas party

Paul and Ruth Doube were delightful hosts for our final end of year Xmas Sprite Club party.
29 people attended and all had a wonderful time. Even Father Xmas arrived and seemed to enjoy himself. (may have consumed a little too much Xmas cheer, however).
Merry Xmas to your all and your family and a happy New Year.

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First club meeting is 4th February 2013
Look up on the calendar for upcoming events , dinner run, in January 2013

Sprites for Sale….47 years ago!

With Christmas coming up, you may be considering treating yourself.  Only problem is that it’s 1965.  The Rolling Stones are touring again, so maybe it’s last week….

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You’re leafing through the latest Racing Car News while watching the news on TV.  Prince Phillip is officially opening the new Royal Australian Mint, but you don’t give a rip because you see this…

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Yep….or maybe you might pony up a bit more and get yourself

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Yeah..pretty good, but for an extra three week’s wages, you can give Bob Skelton a call…

Bob Skelton sprite

Decisions, decisions…. personally, I would have made a call to Maitland.  Far be it to seperate a man from his Sprite because he is getting married….

Plymouth…harassed by a Sprite

One of our own, Gerard Miller [seen here dressed as Darth Stig], and his rather well known Plymouth made the cover of the Historic Sandown event programme this year.  As can be plainly seen, the elbows are well up, the head tilted slightly, but that little Sprite is well up Gerard’s chuff.  I’m told that was the theme of the weekend… great work Gerard!

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Australian GP…in a Sprite?

A trip down memory lane early this morning on the way to some breakfast in the Sprite.  In 2009, Lobethal hosted the Grand Carnival, a ‘re-enactment’ of the 1939 Australian Grand Prix, won by Alan Tomlinson in a blown MG.  The curcuit was / is the longest public road race in Australia, and took in some of the best / deadliest roads around the Hills in Adelaide.  The view along the long and rather undulating straight out of Charleston would have been a fair sight just before Australia got caught up in another World War.  What could have been?

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This is the view in reverse.  This was GP racing before Twitter, run off areas, Drag Reduction Systems, sponsors, grid girls, press conferences, and designer facial hair.  Pardon my nostalgia.   Click below.

Seventy years on and the revival gives us a glimpse of what might have been.  This morning I imagined that in a sports car support race in the 1962 GP, the Sprite may have been eclipsed on the long stretches, only to gather up the opposition in the tight bits around the village.  Sprite vs Lotus Elan vs Triumph Spitfire vs Bolwell Mk4….

Bring on the good old days….

And on the Seventh Day…He took the Sprite for a drive…..

Unexpectedly large turnout for a non designated ‘Paddy’s Run’ Sunday, but welcome nonetheless.  Breakfast for some, just coffee for the rest, and glorious sunshine.

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As inevtiably happens when you get a group of these old things together, passers by stop and chat.  Wayne, a local, walking his dog did just that, and mentioned that he had an nice shiny MGA that he drives maybe once a year.  He was duly berated for this, and promptly returned with it.  Nice car, but it was strongly suggested that he upgrade to at least an MG Midget.  Always good to see Garry Beaton – he usually has to take off to nurture some cherry trees or to fix something that has broken.

A split – John Tran and I went off to Gorge Road to experience lateral G forces, while Whitburns and Brines took a less queasy route to Lobethal whence the twain met again at Amberlight Cafe. Must be MGA Day.  Our group firmly wedged this one in opposite the cafe, but the owner soon realised that he was thoroughly outclassed and promptly took off.

And the Brines’ led us all home, just before it got too warm.  Six weeks ago, it was freezing cold.  So, where were you? Mowing lawns? Cleaning tile grout? Sleeping in? Keep a close eye on the Events section of this website – there will be plenty of opportunities to get some bugs and dust on that Sprite / Midget / Clubman / other..