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Tyre Pressure

Thanks to Gordon’s diligent perusing of the Speedwell’s website (re: Rocker Cover Racers) he found the following info…

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Tire Pressure? We don’t need no stinking tire pressure
Just a quick note here. Long time ago I, like many of us have always stuck to the general tire manufacturer’s inflation recommendation. Typically for a 13 inch tire they’ll say anywhere’s from 28 to 32 psi, correct? That’s based on a car weighing in at around 2,000 pounds. Believe it or not, if you’re running a modern tire of just about any size on a Spridget, you actually want to be running about 18-20 psi cold on the side-curtain cars, and 20-22 psi on the roll-up window cars since they weigh a bit more. Aside from riding more smoothly at the lower pressure, you most likely find it to be less “darty” over bumps and will stick to the road so much better. Give it a try, if you don’t agree with the results, the worst-case scenario is that you’ll have that painstaking task of putting air back into the tires! Also, if you’re really adventurous, try setting your toe-in at zero instead of the BMC called for 1/16″ toe-in. I’d love to hear from any and all of you about your findings if you try it. I might even post views telling me I’m full of horse-hockey, too!

Spring removal successful!

As many of you know I’m restoring a bugeye and at the last meeting I reported on the fact that I’d broken the heads of the rear spring bolts – however thanks to a tenacious cornishman (AKA John Whitburn) they have been successfully removed and the bugeye is now happly at minus paints!

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Mallala National Historic Race Meeting Easter Car Club Display

Title: Mallala National Historic Race Meeting Easter Car Club Display
Location: Mallala
Description: Invitation to participate in the annual Mallala National Historic Race Meeting Easter Car Club Display, Saturday 7th April 2012

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Entry Form PDF

Hi car clubbers

We have been Running historic motor racing at Mallala over Easter for the last 31 Years
For the last few we have been inviting clubs like yours to bring your cars along on the Saturday
You can enter as club groups or individuals

We want from you

· Enter by the 16th of March

· $25 per car (and occupants)

· The old cars for everyone to look at

For that, we provide

· The best park in Mallala, next to the track on the lawns

· Some shade and somewhere to sit down

· Furthermore, during the lunch break from racing, you get to take your cars around the circuit on parade laps

It’s a fun day for all and last year the classic day attracted an excellent crowd, more than double the Sunday turnout.
We would love to see you all there and appreciate if you would include
If you don’t think that is exiting enough, then consider entering the historic regularity event! (contact me for more info on that)


Troy Ryan
On behalf of the Historic Racing Register of the Sporting Car Club of SA
0419 666 307
Start Time: 10:00
Date: 2012-04-07
End Time: 15:00


Kym Ninnes will have copies for sale of his book at the meeting on 5 December.

It is the story of his trip around Australia in his Clementé clubman. It’s a good bit of Australiana, adventure, travel, dreams and cars.  It is a great read and would make an ideal Christmas present especially for friends overseas. It comprises 170 pages, full colour with lots of photos and maps. It costs $29.95  or it can be ordered over the internet through where it costs an additional $3.50 p&h. I’ve attached a couple of pages to give you an idea of what it is like.

Sample pages 1

Sample page 2

Dates in calendar

Hi Still trying to sort out small things on the site however one warning  – the dates in the little events calendar widget on the sidebar you’ll see the are in the US format at the moment ie Month/Day/Year…


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