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Anyone help out here?

Hello,my name is Joe and I own a general mechanic/motorcycle/auto electrical business in Richmond.I’ve owned and specialised in minis for over 20 years and it’s always been a dream of mine to restore a MK1 bugeye since I could remember! I have seen a bugeye in Victoria and I am cheapest viagra to buy online in uk quite keen on it however my business partner who had alot to do with there cars in the early days is trying to talk me out of it,not because he doesn’t like the cars but because I’m 6″4′ and am a fair bit bigger than the average man and assures me that minis have alot more room in them than the sprites.So the question I have for any one in the club is would it be possible for me to have a look at ine up close and possibly sit in one? Our work shop is call Jack & Joe’s mechanical services at 17 Deacon ave Richmond,and we Know Bob Basica reasonably well from MG car sales so he can be a good reference for me. Our workshop number is 8352 6613 if any one is willing to help me out please call me I would very much appreciate it, thank you

Moonta – Kernewek weekend update!

Some members of the club are attending the Moonta Cornish Festival on 24th – 26th May and are having dinner at the Seagate Bistro 171 Bay Road, Moonta at 7p.m Saturday 25th. If you viagra professional pfizer are coming up individually and would like to join us will you please phone the Bistro yourself on 88253270 and add your name to the list. The booking is under the Sprite Club.

New Club Merchandise

Luther has proposed that we update some of our current merchandise.  This will include new polo shirts, caps canadian discount viagra online and hoodies (or crew necks?).  The proposed colours are detailed below with the standard Sprite Club logo embroidered on them.  The cost for the polo will be $40 and if possible we would like to take orders and deposits at the next general meeting (wine and cheese night!).

hat polo hoodies

For sale – Nota iv Fang

The Nota IV Fang is also a fantastic sports car built and also restored at Nota Engineering At DuraL in Sydney. Our car was totally restored by Chris Buckingham, Guy’s Buckingham’s son, back in 1997. The car is fully road registered and with full compliance by Regency in South Australia. Reluctantly the car is for sale and offers over $17000 will buy cheap viagra online be accepted. The purchaser can drive this car to their residence or it can be delivered at cost on our trailer. In 14 years of amazing driving, racing, and total enjoyment this car has never ever let us down, mechanically or otherwise.

Regards and guaranteed happy motoring to all.
John & Nola Seymour.

Ph: 03 6261 1296
John’s mobile: 0458 491 585
Nola’s mobile: 0488 446 588

Ken's famous pub lunch run wrap up

From Barb

1 Sprite, 1 MG and 1 bugeye along with 3 modern day cars ventured through the hills for Kens Pub Lunch run.
After leaving the Club rooms we wound our way through Blackwood, Coromandel Valley and up into Mylor generic viagra soft tabs on a beautiful morning. We travelled through very picturesque roads with the autums leaves just turning, and luckily it was one of the runs where we did not have the lycria’s on the road. Heading towards Echunga we turned to Flaxley and made our way to Mt Barker ending up at the Bridgewater Hotel, where Chris and tina joined us. It was lovely inside the beautiful old hotel and the food was to die for. After a few refreshments and an enjoyable luncheon, we all headed off our different ways, some to shop while others, although they said they were babysitting dogs, we figure it was really to watch the Showdown. Anyway, congratulation to Port and thanks to Ken and Mary

Sprites at the Grand Prix

From Terri Corbin AHSD Vic

If you go into the Sutton site, just type in ‘drivers parade’ in the search box and it will take you straight to all our cars.
It was such a wonderful experience for all the individual participants as well as for our club.
We had the V8 drivers parade as well as the F1 drivers low price viagra parade.