General Meeting Monday 1 March

Don’t forget there is a General Meeting at the Fullarton Park Centre, 411 Fullarton Rd, Fullarton, from 7:30 for *pm start. Covid safe plans in place

All Historic at Mallala, 17th & 18th April

Hi Folks….please find attached our invite to your club to attend our event in April. I realise that this is fairly short notice however please consider joining us….it’s a great family day.Entries are now open on the SCC website.For further info please call me on 0408 277380….show and shine is specifically for cars however we will have display areas for bikes as well.Kind RegardsGraham Boulter(Chairman of Historic Racing Register of the Sporting Car Club of SA.)

McLaren Vale Vintage and Classic 18th April entries close 26 October

Wanted to Buy


I am a genuine buyer looking for a AH Sprite Mk1 (Bugeye).

I’m after a turnkey car in reasonable condition – just hop in and cruise with the Sprite Club, Coffee ‘n’ Chrome or even drive to work.

Ideally I would like a South Australian car, but an interstate purchase could be an option.

Please contact me on 0418815196 or

Thanks in advance.


2020 MSCA Trophy Presentation Day

Sunday 21st February was the date for the MSCA Trophy Presentation Day at Virgara Winery at Virginia. This day is held each year to acknowledge the winners for the various classes and overall winners for the MSCA Supersprints for 2020.

The past year was a challenge for the organising committee of the Marque Sports Car Association trying to continue to conduct motorsport events with everything that was going on in the world.

The first Supersprint of the 2020 season was the last motorsport event to be held in Australia before the COVID pandemic shut down the world for a number of months. As usual the MSCA rose to the challenge and covered all of the changing requirements with their usual professionalism and skill.

After the forced break the Supersprints returned and allowed the competitors to run at both Mallala and the MSCA conducted one of the first Supersprints on the East Circuit at The Bend Motorsport Park.

As well as the trophy presentations there was a chance for the MSCA member clubs to display their cars -and a great range of vehicles were on display, track cars, road cars and various other vehicles.

Of course the various winners were the true champions of the day and we congratulate all of the class winners and overall winners recognised on the day. These were for the various classes – Marque Sports, Street and Modified.

Sprint Champion 1st Place John Davies
Sprint Champion 2nd Place Fletcher Bolton
Sprint Driver 1st Place Michael Katsikitis
Sprint Driver 2nd Place Randall Warry
Class C Winner Dick Manning
Class D Winner Jason Edwards
Class E Winner Duane Kaak
Class EE Winner Pat Miller
Class G Winner James Taylor
Class H Winner Fletcher Bolton
Class J Winner Neil Martin
Class M Winner Malcolm Ebel
Class R Winner Michael Coles
Class T Winner Rob Atkins
Class U Winner Michael Katsikitis
Class V Winner Robert Hal
Class X Winner John Davies
As you will notice our own Competition Secretary, Pat Miller was the winner of the EE – Racing Clubmans category – Congratulations Pat!

The MSCA Member Clubs were also recognised – there winners were:

MSCA Club of the Year MX-5 Car Club
Best Presented Team MG Car Club of South Australia

If you would like to watch the presentation you can follow it via the link below:

Thanks to Helen Stephenson and the MSCA for use of the photos and video.

Flaggies – The Bend

Message received by Pat Miller, and will be benefit to club members who have volunteered to flag on the weekend.

If there are any other club members who would like to join them it is not too late. Just contact Murray Stephenson email address included.

Greetings All,

Thank you for volunteering to help as a flaggy at the Super Sprint on Sunday 28 February at The Bend West circuit. The event would not happen without you.

Thank you to Alfa Romeo, MX-5, Sprite, BMW, Nissan Datsun and MG Car Clubs.

Could you please respond to let me know this has been received so I can follow up any that go missing.

As part of our COVID compliance measures there will be no face to face briefings for officials.

Attached are the flaggies briefing notes which I ask that you read before the event. There may still be some briefing over the radio once you are in position.

Also attached is The Bend waiver which you need to print, sign and have witnessed. Then bring it on Sunday and hand it in at the gate. 

Please bring both documents with you.

You will need to pick up a radio and safety vest in garage 1 on Sunday morning. Garage 1 is at the North end of the main building.

Please find attached a list of volunteers for Sunday with your allocation listed in the Comments column.

If you have any issues please let me know. 

If for any reason you are unable to come on the day, or think beforehand that you may not make it, it is vital that you notify your club delegate and me immediately. Under COVID restrictions we have only signed up the minimum numbers so any withdrawals will be an issue.

Bring the usual things for flagging, chair, coat, hat, drinks, snacks, sunscreen?, etc. There will be sanitizer and wipes on site.

You will receive lunch as usual which will be served in garage 1 near form up. 

The gates will open at 0730 and close at 0900. Please report to garage 1 by 0815 ready to pick up your radio, vest and go. You can take a car to all points via “the moat” which is a dirt track outside the main concrete wall. Turns 1 to 6 travel clockwise (north) and 7 to 12 anti clockwise (south). Note that all flag bunkers are on the outside of the track, just some turn numbers are shown on the infield.


Murray Stephenson

Secretary, MSCA

Mobile: 0419 565 970


Shannons British at The Bend

With the cancellation of the traditional All British Day at the Echunga Oval, the owners of The Bend Motorsport Park stepped in and organised an alternative event on the same weekend.

Shannons British at The Bend consisted of a Show ‘n ‘Shine, Track Sessions for those competition vehicles to have blast around the circuit, a Motorkhana and Track Parade for the displayed cars and bikes.

With approx 200 cars and bikes on display, a number of competition vehicles and good weather, there was a good turnout of car enthusiasts, general public and Sprite Club members.

Dean King and Clive Spreadbury entered their competing vehicles for the Track Sessions, but gremlins affected both – Dean with brake issues at the end of the straight and Clive was having issues with the Mk II not achieving full revs!

There were a number of impressive track cars including a well developed TVR, Rover SD1, various Minis and older Singers, Jags and MG’s.

While on the display side there was David and Carole Tye and their lovely Lotus Elan. There were also the Bugeye, previously owned by Doug Gordon/Robert George and the nice Mk I Midget pictured above.

The Motorkhana did not eventuate, but the Track Parade gave all a chance to drive the 7.77km of the GT circuit. The crowd were able to stand on the pit wall and cheer and wave the participants at they completed a few laps behind the Safety Car.

Overall it was a good day, with many making use of the facilities of The Bend complex, including the cafe/coffee bar in the foyer, the restaurant and bar for a nice meal and refreshing ale or two. It was also noted that at the end of the day, many were booking into the Motel to stay the night, returning to Adelaide the following morning.

While the All British Day is scheduled for 2022, the British at The Bend gave those owners of British cars a chance to display and drive their cars this year.

Classic Sports Car Cruise.

Date   Saturday March 6th.

Time   4:30 pm for chat and checkout for a 5:00 pm departure. Sunset on the day is 7.46 pm

Start     Windy point car park upper level.


Drive down Belaiir Road.

Turn left onto Springbank Road.

Turn left onto Goodwood Road. Centennial Pk cemetery on your right.

Follow on to Fiveash Drive continue on Ayliffes Road. Parklands on your left. A good area to bunch up a little.

Carefully follow the signs to get onto the new southern expressway. If we miss here we may be lost in the labyrinth and never be seen again.

Follow the expressway for approximately 15 km. Vere left for the turnoff onto Beach road.

Turn right and head west onto Beach Road over the bridge.

Drive along Beach road for 1.3 Km cross over Dyson Road.

Proceed a further 0.5 Km along Beach Road and pull into Woolworths car park.

There will be a short presentation for the most appealing car and the car with the best patina as decided by our somewhat fickle judging panel.

People wishing to make an evening of it may wish to visit many of the eating places available in the Port Noarlunga area. Unfortunately, none of them have parking space for large numbers of cars in one area. I am reliably informed the Port Noarlunga fish shop is a good place to eat.

As usual all drivers are responsible for the roadworthiness of their cars and adherence to the rules of the road.

We welcome any and all sports cars. clubmans and specials to join us on the drive.

No club memberships are required.

Any further info Ph Pat Miller 0421289706 email

GelatO – Ice Cream Run

A warm barmy Adelaide Summer’s night, a Sprite with the roof down, and cruise around the city to end up for an ice cream sounds like a great event!

A quick check of the weather forecast and the signs are not looking good, cool weather, rain forecasted and more looming on the radar could have “dampen” the run.

On arrival at the K Mart Car Park at Firle we were greeted with 2 x Bugeyes, 2 x Mk II Sprites, 1 x Mk IIA Sprite, 1 x Mk IIIA Sprite, 1 x Austin-Aston-Healey-Martin (!), plus a Mazda, Honda Jazz and 4WD Toyota.

After a quick COVID sign-in, Social Co-ordinator Michael McClaren outlined the planned run and we all headed onto Glynburn Road.

The route headed towards the lower Adelaide Hills via Montacute Road, Gorge Road, Darley Road turning left at Grand Junction Road. Heading west there was a deviation onto Prospect Road heading back towards the city.

While we were in the Mazda, we followed the convoy of Sprites and enjoyed the smells of warm engine and gearbox oil, rich fuel mixtures and the sounds of noisy gearboxes and slipping clutches, so it felt and smelt like we in a Sprite!

Onto Port Road, through North Terrace, South onto Hutt Street and Greenhill Road. After a couple of miles we turned back onto Glynburn Road and finally completed the loop turning back to Magill Road.

Here we parked in a side street and headed to 48 Flavours for our ice creams – and what a choice there was. Choices included lemon sorbet, rum and raisin, chocolate, honeycomb, plus the usual flavours.

All Members enjoyed the ice creams and stayed around and had the usual chat and discussion about the drive and the looks from the public as we drove past.

They joy of driving older classic sports car is that they need a little bit of maintenance and tinkering to keep them running – and at the end of the run a couple of Sprites needed a quick adjustment of the SU’s and swap of batteries due to charging issues.

Special thanks to Michael for planning and organising the Ice Cream Run and thanks to those members who braved the weather (but it did not rain) and enjoyed the yummy ice creams.

Ken’s article for North Norfolk Classic Vehicle Club

I have attached an article I was asked to write it by the editor of the “North Norfolk Classic Vehicle Club” in the county of Norfolk,England.

A friend of mine called Bob who lives in Norfolk mentioned to him that he had a friend in Australia who was involved in classic cars.

Editors being editors he thought this could be an opportunity to get a story for his magazine! Bob asked me if I was interested. I thought it might be an interesting thing to do so I agreed to do it.

The article features classic cars I have owned over the years, not everyday family cars. 

I thought it might be suitable to put on the website or email to club members. 

Let me know what you think,

Cheers, Ken.


Flaggies Required – Sprints – The Bend

A good opportunity to check out THE BEND at close quarters. Traditionally the sprite club has helped with flagging at the first meeting of the year usually Mallala this year the meeting will be on the exciting West circuit at THE BEND. Even if you have never flagged before do not be scared to have a go. Any questions Pat Miller 0421289706.

From the MSCA.

Round 1 Super Sprint is scheduled at The Bend on the west circuit on Sunday 28 February.

Nominally the duty flagging clubs are MG, Fiat Lancia, Nissan Datsun and Sprite but they will need input from other clubs.

We will be using nine flag points which requires eighteen volunteers.

COVID requirements continue to apply so I will need to confirm the volunteers before the event and have a list of names, phone and email addresses.

Please ask your clubs for volunteers and send me names and contact details before 21 February. Assuming we have a surplus, I will then confirm the final list.

It would help if they nominate their preferred team mate as well.

Murray Stephenson

Secretary, MSCA

Mobile: 0419 565 970


Catering for Austin Healey Sprite and MG Midget Enthusiasts