Judy & Russell’s Hills Face Roaming

Sprite Club Mid-Week Run Wed 17th March.

Club members at Hazelwood Park, beautiful autumn morning, Covid sign in done. Time for briefing, great news no traffic lights at all.

11 cars, 4 Sprites, 2 MG Midgets, 1 MX5,1 Golf Convertible,1 Tigra,1 Saab,1Jazz and Chris & Tina met us for lunch.

We crossed the Hill Face, through back streets, on and off the SE Freeway, Mt Lofty, Old Norton Summit, Teringie. Morning Tea spot Morialta Park. Marble Hill road and on to Scenic Hotel for lunch.

67 Kilometres of winding roads, great views across the Valleys and the City skyline to the beaches beyond. 

Great Run notes, a couple of missed turns and a road closure all made for a happy group of Sprites and others.

Lunch in the Beer Garden at the Scenic Hotel, under new owners delivered great meals.

Once again Russell & Judy organised a great run  lots of twists and  turns, with some roads not travelled, it takes time and effort to keep coming up interesting runs for us to enjoy.

Gary Brock thanked them both for another great day.

Dianne Low.

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