MSCA SuperSprint – Round One

The First round of the MSCA Supersprint was held at the The Bend Motorsport Park on Sunday 28th February. The West Circuit was used for this event, which included the long main straight as well as the rise and fall of the various corners of this circuit.

With over 90 entries the MSCa used it COVID-19 format of selected vehicle scrutineering and drivers briefing sent to the entrants prior to the event. This allowed the event to start early and soon the cars were on the circuit.

The Sprite Club was represented by Dean King – Super Sprite, Gerard Miller – Plymouth Special, Clive Spreadbury – Sprite Mk II, Pat Miller – Lycoming Special and Lee Kernich – Clubman Tiger. As each MSCA club was involved with flagging duties Dale Halling and Rachel Morgan were allocated to Turn 9 for the event. With Sue Stephenson looking after the timing and Gordon Boyce as Motorsport Australia Steward there was good representation of the SCSA at the event.

With four rounds and nearly 4.0kms per lap there was plenty of track time for all even Gerard had a double run! Dean had a few mixture issues causing spark plug burning and the Super Sprite was back on the trailer. Clive swapped vehicles from the last time here and has enjoying the laps, but was down on speed. it was lee’s first time on the circuit and had a great time – setting a benchmark to try and beat next time out. Pat was driving/flying the Lycoming Special which was almost as loud as the Shahins helicopter that landed during the afternoon with Mark Webber onboard!

Overall it was a great day, most enjoyed the circuit and look forward to the next round at Mallala. The Peter Hall Memorial 6-Hour is the next event on the calendar, so start getting your teams together now!

Thanks to Damien Cravero for use of the great photos of the event

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