GelatO – Ice Cream Run

A warm barmy Adelaide Summer’s night, a Sprite with the roof down, and cruise around the city to end up for an ice cream sounds like a great event!

A quick check of the weather forecast and the signs are not looking good, cool weather, rain forecasted and more looming on the radar could have “dampen” the run.

On arrival at the K Mart Car Park at Firle we were greeted with 2 x Bugeyes, 2 x Mk II Sprites, 1 x Mk IIA Sprite, 1 x Mk IIIA Sprite, 1 x Austin-Aston-Healey-Martin (!), plus a Mazda, Honda Jazz and 4WD Toyota.

After a quick COVID sign-in, Social Co-ordinator Michael McClaren outlined the planned run and we all headed onto Glynburn Road.

The route headed towards the lower Adelaide Hills via Montacute Road, Gorge Road, Darley Road turning left at Grand Junction Road. Heading west there was a deviation onto Prospect Road heading back towards the city.

While we were in the Mazda, we followed the convoy of Sprites and enjoyed the smells of warm engine and gearbox oil, rich fuel mixtures and the sounds of noisy gearboxes and slipping clutches, so it felt and smelt like we in a Sprite!

Onto Port Road, through North Terrace, South onto Hutt Street and Greenhill Road. After a couple of miles we turned back onto Glynburn Road and finally completed the loop turning back to Magill Road.

Here we parked in a side street and headed to 48 Flavours for our ice creams – and what a choice there was. Choices included lemon sorbet, rum and raisin, chocolate, honeycomb, plus the usual flavours.

All Members enjoyed the ice creams and stayed around and had the usual chat and discussion about the drive and the looks from the public as we drove past.

They joy of driving older classic sports car is that they need a little bit of maintenance and tinkering to keep them running – and at the end of the run a couple of Sprites needed a quick adjustment of the SU’s and swap of batteries due to charging issues.

Special thanks to Michael for planning and organising the Ice Cream Run and thanks to those members who braved the weather (but it did not rain) and enjoyed the yummy ice creams.

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