Flashback Friday – The Day Geoffrey Healey Nearly Came To Town

Geoffrey Healey 1922 – 1994

The Father and Son combination of Donald and Geoffrey Healey were instrumental in the formation of the Donald Healey Motor Company and the following association with Austin to form Austin-Healey.

While Donald had the ideas of the various vehicles, Geoffrey as the engineer assisted to put these ideas into reality. This was particularly so with the development of the Sprite.

Geoffrey Healey working on the drawings for the Bugeye Sprite at the Donald Healey Motor Company

During 1993 in preparation for the Sprite Club of South Australia’s 21st Birthday, the secretary wrote to Geoffrey inviting him to join us for our celebrations.

The Sprite Club received the following reply…………

While Geoffrey and Margot Healey did not attend, the 21st Birthday and the port bottling went ahead as planned. And a good time was had by all, but that is a story for another day!

Geoffrey passed away the following year and the Sprite Club sent the letter below to Margot as a mark of respect for the man we did not get to meet……………..

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