Sunday’s In The Shed

With members of the Sprite Club of South Australia either social distancing or self isolating it is time to grab a coffee or similar and head to the shed to see what they have been doing with their Sprites, Midgets or Clubbies over the past few weeks. Thanks to all for the photos, please keep them coming.

Grant Stephenson – Bugeye Sprite

Grant’s Bugeye hasn’t been seen for a while as he has been repainting the engine bay body colour as it was originality painted black during it’s original restoration. This Sprite has won the Sprite Nationals Concours on many occasions during the 1980’s and 90’s and was driven to these events and competed as well. It will good to see it back on the road once again, I’ll let Grant add to the story……

The Sprite has been off the road for longer than I want to admit, those of you that know Helen will be able to work it out . The Sprite has been moving forward at a good rate recently, a few hours during the week and I have achieved lots. A quick phone call to Colin at Sprite Parts and all new brakes have arrived, I couldn’t wait to get started, every thing was going well till the drivers rear system decided that it wasn’t going to come apart. Well the car was first restored in 1979! As you can see by the photos a lot of work has been going on with the second rebuild. I am very keen to have the car back on the road and enjoy runs with the Sprite Club once again.” 

Phil Kies – Elfin Clubman

Phil originally joined the Sprite Club with this lovely Elfin Clubman. This has since been sold and Phil is currently restoring a Triumph TR4A. Looking forward to seeing the TR4A on Classic Sports Car Cruises when life returns to normal………………..

Garry Beaton – Sprite Mk IIIA

Garry’s Sprite at Mallala heading through Turn 8 – “Clubhouse”

Must go and do some more tidying during self isolation…………………………….

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