All British day Update

Dear All British Day Entrant,
I do hope you and your vehicles are enjoying this burst of warmer weather. I am pleased to report that we have received roughly double the same amount of entries as we did at the same time last year. So, thank you very much to those who have already registered.
Our online registration system is increasingly popular; however, I would urge you to double check your automatic ABD entry confirmation details receipt to make sure that all the details are correct as incorrect information is more easily fixed early.
All British Day has traditionally promoted the long, rich and diverse vehicle production history of Britain to the many spectators that come each year.
For 2020 we are pleased to have on board, along with our other valued sponsors, Zagame Automotive Group. They are the Adelaide dealers for Bentley, McLaren, Morgan and Lotus plus many other British and European exotic cars. We are sure their display will complement the other sponsor displays on the day and show that Britain still does make some very desirable vehicles.
 Aviation will be part of the day once again for ABD 2020, as both of our featured marques, that are celebrating 100 years, produced engines for aircraft apart from their car making roles. If you have a Bentley or an Armstrong Siddeley both clubs have advised us that they extended a warm welcome for you to park your car with the respective feature display.  We hope also to have Chris Sperou again performing aerobatics as he did at ABD 2019 which was well received by most, gauging the feedback we received.
We want you and your fellow British vehicle club owners to come on the day. For a lot of Clubs this is an activity they do not have to plan, and it gives clubs a platform to promote their club and marque to approximately 5,000 people that attend. We as a committee are actively encouraging younger families to come along, as one day, one of these younger enthusiasts may be in the market for a British vehicle.
I wish to remind you that given the growing size of the event we are having to cap oval parking numbers at 850, and we will be closing entries on 7/11/2019 (not that far away!) so we can process entries in time. If we do exceed 850 entries, there are other areas in the Echunga grounds we can park vehicles. But these may not be near your club.
When we send out your Gate pass in January you will see that we have simplified the pass and removed Oval location numbers; but, to facilitate parking we will send you a map where clubs will be located on the ovals.
Again, we thank you for your interest and participation in All British Day, a day that showcases British engineering and excellence.
See you Sunday 9th February 2020.
Yours Faithfully,
Jamie Sandford -Morgan  
President of All British Day

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