Our first cruise of this season, something a little different at the finish and taking an interesting  route.  As usual we warmly welcome any and all sports, Sprite Club Classic sports car cruise is on Saturday Oct 26th.

Cars to join us for a short run designed to have a little fun, put classic sports cars on display and hopefully develop interest, there is no requirement

 to be a member of any club. We do remind all concerned that they are responsible for their car’s roadworthiness and compliance with the rules of the road.

Our gathering point is the car park of the Harvey Norman/ Goodguys etc shopping complex  800-826 Marion rd Oaklands park which is close to the Sturt Rd Marion Rd intersection.   Meet from 6 pm far chat and checkout and a departure at 6 20 pm.

If the weather on this day is for heavy rain or above 38 deg the event will be postponed.


Drive, south on Marion rd for about 300m

Turn, left onto Sturt rd and follow to the main South rd intersection. 

Turn, left onto main South rd. ( Care on the corner, road works )

Drive, along South rd in a northerly direction for approximately 20km and inspect our mega million dollar taxpayer funded road flyovers and underpasses.

 ( Speed limits all over the place, keep an eye on the big gauge on the dashboard.)

Turn, left onto the Port River Expressway ( Hold nose while driving past Mt Wingfield.)

Follow, expressway over Diver Derric bridge.

Veer, left onto Nelson st and follow for 150m.

Turn, right onto Semaphore rd and follow to Esplanade.

Turn left onto Esplanade and follow to the 3rd roundabout at Jervoise st.

Turn right into the car park (avoid being collected by the steam train ) find a park, my research indicates we should find space among the beachgoers.

Gather on the lawn adjacent to the roundabout entry point for a short presentation.

Sunset on this day is 7:38 pm ACDT.

Any enquiries contact Pat Miller 0421289706.

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