MSCA SprInts September 29

The Marque Sports Car Association of SA is proposing to run another come and try day at Mallala in conjunction with a super sprint event on September 29th . The cost is $125 per driver which includes all entry and licence fees. Participants do not need to be a member of any car club. All that is required is a car with normal road seat belts or better, a fire extinguisher less than 3 years old and a blue triangle indicating battery position. Come and try involves some lectures by experienced instructors, some laps with a mentor in the passenger seat, and if the participant feels confident some flying solo laps.

To run this activity there will need to be a suitable number of starters to make the exercise worthwhile. This is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable driving experience. Would make a great gift idea for kids and gradchildren.

Any interested people can contact myself on 0421289706 or contact the MSCA of SA inc, via secretary Murray Stephenson,

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