MSCA Sprints – Sunday 16 June

Call for Flag Marshals for Sunday 16 June

The MSCA is running its first Super Sprint on the West Circuit at The Bend on Sunday 16 June.

This is an exciting development for the Association and we are calling on all member clubs to help out with providing flag marshals. Where eight marshals can adequately do the job at Mallala we need to operate ten points and the start line at The Bend, i.e. twenty marshals.

We are asking each member club to nominate three volunteers for the day.

A few background points:

• Officials must sign on and attend a briefing at 8:45am on the Sunday morning;

• You will be required to complete a Peregrine waiver form at sign on so it will save time if you download one from the MSCA website and bring it completed;

• If you have a CAMS official’s licence please bring it but, if you don’t, please consider applying on the CAMS website. It does not take long and costs nothing;

• Lunch and water will be provided for nominated officials and you will return to the pit area or lunch;

• Time permitting, officials will have the opportunity to do controlled parade laps at lunchtime;

• Those wishing to do the parade laps must nominate at sign on their wish to do so.

Passengers will be permitted;

Please provide name, mobile and email address for each volunteer so that we can communicate directly. If they have a CAMS official’s licence please also provide the number.

This is a great development for the MSCA and a lot of work has gone into the planning but it will only work if we have the support of the membership to make it run smoothly.

Please respond by 9 June with club nominations to:

Murray Stephenson, Secretary

Sue Stephenson, Competition Secretary

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