For Sale – Mk 2 Sprite

It is with great sadness that I am looking at putting my sprite up for sale due to needing something more practical and family friendly.

It is likely better know at Pat K’s old Sprite and is a 63 Mk2 (Not a 2a which Pat thought was relevant?). Running really well, serviced/tuned every 6 months.

Has had some cosmetic work over the last couple of years such as a pain touch up, new badges and dash repair.

Pat mentioned to put it out to the club for their interest prior to car sales I’m assuming to try and keep it within the club? As there is another vehicle that I am hoping to secure pending the sale of the sprite I will need to get it up on car sales by Thursday at the latest so if it is possible to get it sent out to the club ASAP I can hold off until say Wednesday before looking at putting it on car sales.

Price: $10,500

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