Wanted – Bugeye

Is it time to sell your much loved Bugeye?
The time has come for me to buy a Bugeye of my own. I’d love to be the next custodian of a much loved Bugeye and take over from an owner who is ready to pass their car on. Ideally I’m looking for a car that has been well maintained or has had some restoration work done to it, a bare metal rebuild at some point would be great (but not essential), what’s important is that the car has a sound and well maintained rust free body and preferably a steel bonnet. It’s also important that the car and any work done to it has been as true to the original as possible. A car with well maintained records would also be great as the car’s history is important to me. So in short, I’m looking for a loved Bugeye that I can continue to look after, maintain and restore for many years to come until it becomes my turn to hand the car on to a new generation of Bugeye owner. My budget is very realistic, especially for a well maintained or well restored car. So if you feel it’s time to pass on your Bugeye to it’s next custodian and want to know that it will be cared for and fussed over for years to come, I’m your man! You can reach me on 0402700779 or on email at adam.toma@bigpond.com
Regards, Adam.

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