Notice from MG car club

Invitation Challenge Event Description 2018

As mentioned on Monday night the MG Car Club is running its Challenge on the Queen’s Birthday weekend with a Hillclimb at Collingrove on Saturday 9 June and a Super Sprint at The Bend on Sunday 10 June.

For the sprint we will be using the west circuit at The Bend.

MG numbers are unlikely to fill our fields so we would welcome entries from your clubs. See attached invitation for more information.

I ask that you keep it to your club members and do not spread this to a wider audience.

Entries to non MG clubs will open on MONDAY 21 MAY, as advised, and any received prior to that date will not be considered earlier.

We would prefer entries to both events.

To enter both in meecams go to the Hillclimb first and enter the “Challenge” which is at a discounted price. Then go to the sprint and enter the sprint at no charge.

In the sprint event you can also book a Dorian and a garage/carport.

It would be appreciated if your club could also provide a helper or two for the event.

Any questions please call or email as below.


Murray Stephenson

Motorsport Secretary

MG Car Club of South Australia


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