B2B volunteers needed

For those of you not entered in the Bay to Birdwood…

Good afternoon,

With the assistance and support of the Adelaide City Council, SAPOL and the DPTI, the Bay to Birdwood route this year will deviate through the centre of the city.

This is a huge opportunity for entrants to show off their vehicles to the general public in a way we have not been able to before.

The DPTI and Altus will ensure a smooth flow of vehicles, by managing the traffic lights, and giving priority to B2B traffic.

They will also provide pedestrian control at the crossings Grote St and through Victoria Square.

We are seeking 5 volunteers, who are not entered in the event, who can give up a few hours of their time on the morning of Sunday 24th September, to provide assistance and support to the Altus controllers. Specific experience is not necessary, and guidance will be provided by the designated controller.

We would appreciate circulating this to the club members, and anyone who would be able to assist, can contact myself in the first instance.

Kind regards,

Kevin Noel
FHMCSA Partner | Bay to Birdwood | M: +61 (0) 439 501 911 | W: baytobirdwood.com.au

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