Great Grape Run – wrap up

17th May 2017 : Sprite Club’s Great Grape Mid-week Run

Fortune favoured the brave. Eight cars. Fourteen members. Weather holding. Everything that was needed for a wonderful day. We met at the Woolworths Cumberland Park carpark and headed south at 10.30am.

It was a run that had a bit of everything – smooth suburban driving and spirited country roads. We headed south along Marion Road then through Flagstaff Hill. The first goal was to pick up Chandlers Hill Road and head to Clarendon. No over-heating; no hold ups. The roads from Clarendon to Kangarilla  & McLaren Flat reminded Russell Schmarr of rural France and who am I to argue.

We stopped for an early bakery lunch at McLaren Flat. We were well looked after and got fed up. Don Cardone is still wondering how it is that every bakery in Australia can have Award Winning pies. My answer: who cares, it was all pretty good.

Then it was a quick drive to d’Arenberg Winery for our look at the d’Arenberg Cube – our tip is people are going to come from miles and indeed interstate to see this little wonder. Penny, one of the family,  

hosted our wine tasting. We were walked through 4 whites and 4 reds in the hour and then treated to 2 older (2009) reds as a comparison to the later releases. We hope Miles Jackson’s sister from Victoria was impressed.

A push to get the McClaren / Lescius team started, a  final photo shoot and then about 3pm we all headed for home. Everyone would have got their cars safely shedded before the day’s light sprinkle wafted down.

In short,  an enjoyable day was had by all; we learned  a few things, grabbed some wines, talked cars and didn’t get cold or wet.

Great Grape Run 2017

Thanks to Don & Elaine Cardone, Chris & Tina Brine, Russell & Judy Schmarr, Jim & Shirley Schubert, Miles Jackson, Michael & Pat, Garry Beaton and Curt Heinrich.


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  1. Looks and sounds like everyone had a very enjoyable days run. Unfortunately we missed it but we were in Queensland.
    Ken & Mary

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