The Beast of Turin vs. Brutus Sinsheim. Who says size doesn’t matter?

Possibly the least Sprite related posting ever to this website, but Garry Beaton and I feel that these two “vehicles” are well worth your time seeing.

block turin

The first is the Beast of Turin – the 1911 Fiat 28.5 (twenty eight and a half!) litre, four cylinder behemoth built to have a crack at the Land Speed Record. 290hp and 116mph in this thing is fast enough to make anyone want to put a nappy on before getting on board..

Click on the link below and turn your speakers up to painful. I am quite sure that halfway up the hill, the normally composed Earl of All That He Surveys During March lets out a sneaky “farken hell!!”. And, they almost had roast pheasant for lunch…

The Beast of Turin

Contrast that with the efforts of the Teutonic madness that is Brutus, 47 litres of Heinkel bomber engined apocalypse-mobile.


This should get your achtung!

Brutus video

Now my German isn’t flash, but I reckon the bloke at the end is describing how the torque of the engine caused his bollocks to twist into a very tight knot indeed…

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