Sprites for Sale….47 years ago!

With Christmas coming up, you may be considering treating yourself.  Only problem is that it’s 1965.  The Rolling Stones are touring again, so maybe it’s last week….

large pharmacy discount code

You’re leafing through the latest Racing Car News while watching the news on TV.  Prince Phillip is officially opening the new Royal Australian Mint, but you don’t give a rip because you see this…

ad sprite Mk 2a

Yep….or maybe you might pony up a bit more and get yourself

Chivas ad sprite

Yeah..pretty good, but for an extra three week’s wages, you can give Bob Skelton a call…

Bob Skelton sprite

Decisions, decisions…. personally, I would have made a call to Maitland.  Far be it to seperate a man from his Sprite because he is getting married….

3 thoughts on “Sprites for Sale….47 years ago!”

  1. This is a lawyer’s feast. Get Doube on the case. Three Sprites all claiming or hinting to be the fastest in Australia !! And by the way Patrick, that’s Maitland NSW ,
    NOT Yorke Peninsula. Thanks for the article. Michael

  2. I know one of .the past owners of the Bob Shelton Sprite. I was on the phone to him in NSW only this week. We lived in the same street in Sydney in our growing up days. He is in the NSW Sprite Club. During our conversation he mentioned he had owned several Sprites including a Bob Skelton Sprite.

  3. Great article Paddy….even I could be inspired to think about a mount with the cast iron lump facing the wrong way.
    In 65 I was looking to buy my first car….ahhhh…to be in that position again……I was torn between buying a Honda 600 convertible, a Mini Cooper S or a Sprite. I had a mate with an S and another with a AH, so I went for the jewel with the twin overhead cams and multiple carbs…………now that little beastie could rev…..and apparently the company went on to even greater things….!

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