Barn Find!

The term Barn Find is all to readily thrown around, but now and then…

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This one is in the UK in a shed [OK, so it’s a Shed Find].  There is a connection to our Club, so if you are interested, email me.

The car is complete, the engine turns over, the chrome is all there, and that hardtop looks like it actually belongs to the car, unlike some.  Wire wheels just in frame.  Overhead fan sitting on the bonnett is NOT a BMC air con fitting…

So, how much would it cost to get over to the sunshine here in Adelaide?  Has anyone done it before?  What does it make this car worth?  Someone out there in Web-land knows, so hit that ‘Reply’ button and share your thoughts!

One thought on “Barn Find!”

  1. It is about $2000 to $2500 for freight to the UK so I suppose it is similar in reverse. That is proably if you share a container. Car is proably worth 2 to 3 grand.
    I found one like it at Modbury a few years ago and offered to the club on behalf of the owner for $1500. No takers so it went to the crushers

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