Five Ferries Run – 8 – 15 September 2012

Please Visit the club website – for the full details – thanks!

The Club is planning an extended run through South Australia to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the club – particularly the wine regions but also including part of the the Murray river areas close to Adelaide.

We’d like to get a bit of feedback on whether you’d be interested in finding out out a bit more and letting us have some confidence in going ahead with planning this even.

Please follow this link and fill out the form to help our planning – cheers!

10 thoughts on “Five Ferries Run – 8 – 15 September 2012”

  1. I would be interested particularly if there are individual sections that can be done. Next September is a long way away but it has my interest.

  2. sounds great Chris – Tony will organise a drive along the great ocean road (five lighthouse tour) for anyone who want join us to meet up with your tour.

  3. Sounds great so count us in. Five ferries and five lighthouses in one trip in a Sprite – what more could we want?! K.

  4. Sounds like an excellent plan, five rivers & five lighthouses.
    Please keep us informed.

  5. Look forward to get together again with the Tasmainian touring team to explore five lighthouses and five river ferries. Please keep us informed.

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